Jake Genesis and Trenton Ducati return for one more “Fast Paced” scene together…


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So great to have these two studs together. You can feel the sexual energy and attraction between the two men.

This isn’t just a hot scene because of the two men but also because of the amazing camera work showing the men from every possible angle. A Highly-reccomended scene.

Trenton Ducati looks deep into the eyes of Jake Genesis, pulling him in for a kiss—the two tattooed jocks feeling each other’s muscles. “Fuck, you’re so hot,” moans Trenton, rubbing Jake’s jean bulge. Trenton spits on the stud’s tight abs, licks it up and then kisses Jake’s stomach—soon releasing Jake’s throbber, which he engulfs. With his pec muscles twitching as he sucks, Trenton spits on Jake’s cock—a wad sticking to his pubes.


“Fuck my mouth!” Trenton yells, his own big dick throbbing as his face gets plowed—spit dripping to the floor as he gulps it up. Jake returns the favor, an overhead shot looking down at their defined bods and pulsing cocks.

Trenton demands to see Jake’s ass, diving his tongue inside before fucking him—Jake’s slab bouncing with each thrust. They switch positions, Trenton yelling “Slap my ass! Harder!” as he gets fucked—his giant dick rock hard. Jake then sits down on it and rides, reaching back to put his arm around Trenton—who reaches around to flick the bottom’s boner before the two squirt.


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