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Happy Pride Week, everyone. Depending on what city you live in, Pride Day either just passed or is coming up this weekend (or if you live in one of those desert cities that has Pride in October, happy Inside-Airconditioner-Season). If you’re looking for some music to get the party going, DiscoPup, friend and occasional composer for Titanmen (he did the continuous mix for the Dance Party Titanmen movie STROBE) has this fantastic podcast where he uploads a new 2-hour mix every month. There’s already a full 20 hours of music to get you started.

His website Welcome2Discopolis has more exclusive mixes (I highly recommend the Donna Summer one).



Yes, gentlemen… you can now FUCK your iPad. Our friends over at Fleshjack have… developed this new add-on hardware that puts your two favorite toys together in one. There doesn’t seem to be any actual way to buy it so this MIGHT be a joke although it’s way past April 1st. The preview video only features a straight couple, so it’s currently just the straight-branded “Fleshlight” that’s included so far. But considering how us gay guys have pioneered hooking up over the internet, if this is a real product we’re pretty sure that’s on the way.

And it doesn’t seem much different from the Japanese “Automatic Sperm Extractor

Enjoy this random, otherwise meaningless video of a bearded daddy getting naked in a pool.

Enjoy this video of Francois Sagat jerking off and pissing on himself on a rooftop in San Francisco.

Last modified: Jun 27, 2014

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  1. Gaz says:

    I liked the fleshlight video, hope they do make the gay version, maybe with him (only need to change her out for a guy)
    ending was crap, so many better ways to end that, including her watching the video “bounce” all over the place and asking WTF he was doing or he pulls out and creams over the screen etc.

    now to integrate that into a app/game. F**k the poolboy….. how many poolboys can you wear out before you cum LOL

    we also like random hairy guys getting naked in a pool – or anywhere else for that matter.

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