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Totally not Titan related but this random vacation video from Key West comes from Island House, the same place where you can meet Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and his real-life husband and Titanmen regular Dirk Caber for TROPICAL HEAT.

Here’s the new Holly Johnson single. You might remember him as the lead singer of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the gay-ish band from the mid 80s that arrived like a nuclear bomb on the music scene with their electro-rock-glamtastic album Welcome To The Pleasure Dome that managed to be about Sex, Drugs, Politics, Love, Religion and still fit in a cover of ‘Do You Know The Way to San Jose.”

  1. An Eastern Transplant makes (some) sense of San Francisco weather.
  2. Animals dancing to Push It.
  3. Nick Prescott and Matt Stevens doing a very NSFW Photoshoot at Oxballs.
  4. quite possibly the most disturbing video any of us have ever see
  5. juneBeau-Ryan4-670x403Australian Rugby star goes naked to host a TV show.

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen.

If any of you are old enough to remember the 80s, you remember this – quite possibly the lowest moment in Rock and Roll History – when Mick Jagger and David Bowie teamed up to record their abysmally wretched cover of “Dancing In The Streets.” While the two are arguably two of the best and most fascinating singers in Rock history, their cover was so embarrassing to watch that it became like a rock music Two Girls One Cup. Somehow this was also a huge hit.

While I’d love to say that this was an isolated incident in two otherwise stellar careers, soon after Mick would record “State Of Shock” with Michael Jackson, arguably the worst pop song in history and David Bowie would go on to record “Never Let Me Down,” an album so cheesy-commercial and bafflingly bland that he still jokingly apologizes for it still.

Don’t worry, by the time the 80s were over, Mick and the stones were releasing Steel Wheels, their return to form album and David was releasing “Outside,” one of the most fascinating records of his career. Proving that there is no depth from which a truly talented person can recover.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tony

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tony

Well at least we know how Dorothy got to Oz...

Well at least we know how Dorothy got to Oz…

That's what HE said...

That’s what HE said…

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  1. Gaz says:

    we need more naked me on TV – it’s time the world got over the “no dick on the screen” men have balls and dicks, deal with it LOL

    as for the bowie/jagger thing, it WAS for live aid, it’s still shit but could explain it I guess… if you had to…. meh!

    • Gaz says:

      oh and could she have been more bitchy, the guy made good on a bet and she basically says he has a small knob….. that look no his face as the end of the “twitter clip” is kind of, I might just smack the bitch upside the head!!!

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