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A couple months ago, we posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes clips from this scene while they were playing around on set before the shoot. Check that out here.

I’ll also have a LOT of video from that shoot coming over the next week so keep checking back. It’s HOT.

Dirk Caber got his head shaved by Matt Stevens for the new Titan Rough movie Hard Play. The guys were having a great time at the Oxballs studio for a couple hours before playing with all the toys and taking a bunch of pictures.

Once we were ready to shoot some video, the guys were both hard as rocks, dripping precum and ready for action. Matt grabbed the clippers and shaved at Dirk like a mad man. We had to run around fast and capture all that hair coming off. There was no second take with that.

Once the clippers part was done, we got Matt to slow it down a bit with the shaving cream and razor. It was obvious this action was making them both hotter than they already were and it was time for some REAL action between the men.

rf27_scene01_004They fucked long and hard for this one. Matt and Dirk deserve a metal for the scene and we’re sure this is going to be one of your favorites.

Once the shaving ends and the fucking begins, the men are back to full speed. We had a lot of trouble keeping up with them as Dirk went from the submissive role getting shaved to turning Matt around and fucking that rock-solid ass of his.

Download it DRM-Free or stream it in crystal-clear HD at along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Spanning back 19 years, there’s some of the hottest gay porn ever shot… all in your back pocket in case the mood strikes you. Anywhere, Anytime. And since it’s all streaming online, nobody needs to know but you.

Cool, huh?

Also On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

Check out the gallery after the jump…

rf27_scene01_001 rf27_scene01_002 rf27_scene01_004 rf27_scene01_005 rf27_scene01_006 rf27_scene01_009 rf27_scene01_010 rf27_scene01_012 rf27_scene01_013 rf27_scene01_015 rf27_scene01_017 rf27_scene01_020 rf27_scene01_021 rf27_scene01_022 rf27_scene01_023 rf27_scene01_025 rf27_scene01_026



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