Tom Wolfe is Dick Danger.


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In the third scene from the hit movie Dick Danger, hunky blond stud Tom Wolfe reveals that all along, he’s been double-crossing everyone and gets the info he needs. We’re still not quite sure what the heist WAS… but we know that in the end, he pulls the heist and YOU get the shaft.

British uncut and soft-spoken Scott Hunter returns to Titanmen along with Tom and they heat up the screen with the climax of the movie, showing off a bunch of amazing positions that show you every square inch of their bodies.

dick_screencap_171 dick_screencap_172

Such a hot scene and such a hot movie. Dick Danger is streaming in Crystal-Clear HD only at along with the entire Titanmen Online Collection. Get Access to the whole thing for as little as 28¢ per day when you join for a full year for only $99.

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dick_screencap_147 dick_screencap_148 dick_screencap_151 dick_screencap_153 dick_screencap_154 dick_screencap_158 dick_screencap_161 dick_screencap_163 dick_screencap_165 dick_screencap_167 dick_screencap_170 dick_screencap_171 dick_screencap_172 dick_screencap_173 dick_screencap_174 dick_screencap_175 dick_screencap_177 dick_screencap_181 dick_screencap_182 dick_screencap_184 dick_screencap_186 dick_screencap_188 dick_screencap_190

Last modified: Feb 4, 2014

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