Jay Bentley’s Very Fuckable Ass Gets Fucked By Leo Dominico


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When you have an ass like Jay Bentley… just about everyone is going to want a piece of it. The guys in production have told us that when Titanmen debuted Jay as one of our exclusive men, the phone started ringing as all the gay porn stars wanted to know if they could be paired with him. Tom Wolfe, Dirk Caber, Christopher Daniels and Jake Genesis have all had a chance to see if it’s as sweet at it looks and now Leo Dominico gets his turn in the new Titanmen movie Worked Over.

wovr_scene03_001How does Jay feel about all the attention? He says that he wanted to become Titan man to finally get to team up with men like he’s met here.. so he can’t wait for more.

With their muscular chests bursting out of their tank tops, Jay Bentley and Leo Domenico kiss on the couch as their bulges grow. They shed their shirts, Jay releasing Leo’s uncut dick and sucking it. Jay’s boner bursts out of his shorts, Leo soon shining the shaft as Jay beats it on Leo’s face. Jay gets his jock hole tongued before Leo slides his dick inside, Jay reaching over to feel the top’s toned chest as he gets fucked.

Jay sits down on the stud, grinding down as they kiss. Leo’s thick boner is released, grinding against the bottom’s crack. “You like that?” asks the top. “Fuck, I love it!” answers Jay as he gets his ass slapped—the bottom’s smooth, muscular back filling the frame as he rides. Leo fucks him from behind—Jay arching back to rub Leo’s chest, moaning “You’re so hot!” as he squeezes. Leo grabs the bottom’s h and and guides it to his mouth, feasting on his fingers as he fucks him—the two soon jacking off side by side as the top unloads a gusher.



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  1. Eric from Sweden says:

    I would very much like to see an interview with Jay Bentley, and some stats. Or atleast a little more info. How old is he? Where does he come from? I think he’s drop-dead gorgeous!

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