Nick Prescott and Alecks Buldocheck in a Piss Soaked Boot Black Scene..


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According to the production team, this was a hard scene to shoot because they just set everything up and let Nick and Alecks go at it in a huge space and had to quickly run around the set to capture all of the action. The energy and action between the two was so hot and blazing at full heat, they didn’t want to stop it.

But clearly… they captured what was happening in front of them. A piss-drenched, sweat-covered boot blacking scene that shows the animal attraction between these two ripped, tightly clipped studs going full steam.

Just amazing. Watch the whole scene at Titanmen, streaming in crystal clear HD to your mobile devices and computer or download your favorite scenes. It’s like having the entire Titanmen catalogue in your back pocket.

Last modified: Jan 10, 2014

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