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The Titanmen production team are currently down in Los Angeles shooting again at the massive Oxballs Factory. Nick Prescott described it like a kinky toy store and apparently walked out with a huge armload of gear to use with his… buddies.

The men have been busy all week. Check out this gallery of pictures from the Twitter accounts of Paul Steele, Ethan Ayers, Nick Prescott, Matt Stevens, Jasun Mark and production assistant DiscoPup.

The above clip was posted over at director Jasun Mark’s Mancast page, but you can see more on Nick’s Blog and Gay Daily Hot News.

Shower-Shot-3-300x206 Jesse Jackman writes about how he “keeps it clean.”

A topic that most porn stars won’t talk about or discuss at any length, Jesse writes a very funny, informative and – dare I say – entertaining blog post about how to clean your butt before bottoming.

Francois Sagat posted a teaser clip from a music video by European pop star Veronika.

Jessy Ares posted a video from a Spitfire Leather  shot he did.

George Ce writes about his experience shooting “POUNDED” with Trenton Ducati.


Last modified: Oct 22, 2013

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