Trenton Ducati gets Pounded by George Ce


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It’s always great when we have an old friend come back and drop his pants for us again, so having Trenton Ducati return to Titanmen and do a scene with Exclusive George Ce was about as perfect as we could get.

Especially when Trenton got a look at that HUGE dick on George.

You could tell just how much those men wanted each other the way they just dove into the action. That’s the best thing about Titanmen movies. The men are always paired with their perfect match and we just let the sparks fly.

Trenton’s rockabilly, tattooed bad boy look was just what George wanted. He’s got that toughguy style but his skin is smooth as a marble statue covered in those tattoos. George’s classic tattoos are the perfect contrast.

The movie is called Pounded. You can see why.

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