Fight For Your Right To Kiss! #FacebookKissOff


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While we were at Titanmen do have a Facebook page and our Twitter Account, we understand that not every social networking entity is going to be as welcoming to our kind of entertainment and hey… their house, their rules.

HOWEVER… we’d expect at least a bit of consistency when deciding what IS and what ISN’T acceptable imagery for their sites, and yesterday Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber were caught in the middle of a bizarre viral explosion when a picture Jesse Posted first received hundreds of shares and over 2,000 comments before the right-wing moral minority jumped in, started a “report as inappropriate” campaign and had the image flagged and deleted.


What’s most likely happened is that the system itself responded to many “inappropriate content” reports and did this all on its own and when someone from Facebook takes a look, finishes fapping in the men’s room and returns to their desk.. the picture will be back and this will all be over.

If not… There’s already a Twitter Hashtag…


Oh, and in case you wanted to see the whole movie, that picture is an out-take from their scene together in Extra Firm.

Check out stills from that after the jump…
exfm_scene03_003 exfm_scene03_004 exfm_scene03_005 exfm_scene03_008 exfm_scene03_009 exfm_scene03_010 exfm_scene03_011 exfm_scene03_014 exfm_scene03_019 exfm_scene03_020 exfm_scene03_023 exfm_scene03_024


Last modified: Oct 8, 2013

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