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Titanmen Legend François Sagat posted a video clip of a VERY dedicated fan getting his own François Sagat Tattoo.

We were all in awe of the amazing work before we knew who the fan was, but when it was revealed that “fan” was none other than Titanmen director Jasun Mark, we were even more intrigued.

Francois, for his part, added his own typical verbal mind fuck when he quipped “So if someone got a tattoo of Jasun, does that mean that they would also have a tattoo with a tattoo of me and my tattoo…. too? lol.”

Apparently the tattoo was done by artist Dave Davenport whose studio was used for the famous Tattoo 3-Way from GRIND that starred Christopher Daniels, Colin Stone and Caleb Colton.

wdaw_IMG_2033New Titanmen Exclusive star Nick Prescott launched his own blog just as his first appearance in a Titanmen movie is released.

Nick appears alongside Justin King in a scene from the new Titanmen movie Wide Awake. A surreal, visually stunning and just plain hot fuck scene with two VERY hot men…

After the scene was shot, however… Nick and Justin jumped into the pool to cool down in the 115° heat in Palm Springs that day. Not one to let that opportunity pass, Production Assistant David Richards handed Nick a GoPro camera and captured some of the fun going on underwater. Note that even though he’s been fucking for hours, Justin is hard again and ready for round two with Nick…

Check out Titanmen Exclusive Nick Prescott in Wide Awake here.

Check out Nick’s Blog Here.

David Anthony posted this VERY entertaining clip called “How to take a big dick. Starring Me.

Last modified: Aug 31, 2013

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