Shay Michaels and Aymeric Deville get Wet and Wild


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A few months ago I posted a clip of Paul Wilde teaching Shay Michaels the proper way to play with Clothespins on Aymeric. That was an intense scene and both guys had fun but Aymeric REALLY got pushed to his limits. While the scene was going on, it looked like he wasn’t going to make it through but by the end he was smiling bigger we’ve ever seen.


Well the scene they shot is out today at Titan Rough, from the movie Wet and Wild.

Shot with the look and feel of 70s 8mm porn loops, complete with the jittery lighting and faded color. This movie has that same raw edge from those days.


The raw intensity of those men together bursts off the screen. You can almost feel the intense edge-pushing pain that Aymeric feels, followed by the adrenaline rush after.

Click Here to see it at Titan Rough. Included with your membership to Titan Rough, you also get full access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue, streaming in HD or download your favorite scenes. And that’s a HUGE catalogue to choose from.



Wet and Wild is also On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen DVD Store.

AND… here’s a very fun clip of the guys shopping at Mr. S Leather before the shoot to choose their gear and toys.

Last modified: Jul 16, 2013

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