Jessy Ares “stretching” Trenton Ducati’s hole before shooting “Up Close.”


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A fun Behind-The-Scenes clip of Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares on set at Titanmen with Brian Mills.

Always hot to see these guys on their own and together they’re incredible. More than that, seeing the way that Jessy and Trenton can’t keep their hands off each other even when the cameras aren’t rolling shows just how hot they were for each other.

Trenton is a power bottom but he still asked Jessy to help him “loosen up a bit” before the big scene.

You can see the whole scene at Titanmen right now or buy in On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

Check out the gallery of stills after the jump…clup_scene01_001 clup_scene01_002 clup_scene01_005 clup_scene01_006 clup_scene01_007 clup_scene01_008 clup_scene01_009 clup_scene01_011 clup_scene01_015 clup_scene01_017 clup_scene01_018 clup_scene01_019 clup_scene01_020 clup_scene01_022 clup_scene01_024 clup_scene01_025

You can see the whole scene at Titanmen right now or buy in On Sale on DVD at the Titanmen Store.

Last modified: Apr 13, 2013

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