Cavin Knight at Jimmy Durano do the GRIND.


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Cavin Knight and Jimmy Durano  return to Titanmen for this rougher-edged and softer-toned scene from GRIND.

The last time we saw Jimmy, he was in Francois Sagat’s phantasmagorical Incubus in a mysterious and dark scene with then-newcomer Trenton Ducati. The last time we saw Cavin, he was interrupting Dario Beck as he gleefully sang in the shower in Command Performance.

This scene contrasts with both in the very bare-boned and real-life setting and tone. Jimmy plays an artist quietly sketching a picture of a guy he’s got a crush on. When Cavin comes in and sees himself through the eyes of Jimmy, his only words are “it’s beautiful.”

Jimmy doesn’t look up from the paper but quietly responds “it is.”

What follows is a passionate and stunningly hot scene, maybe a bit more emotionally grounded than we’re used to seeing from either of these guys but after seeing it, I hope we see more.

And Cavin has the most beautiful cherry-pink asshole I’ve ever seen. No wonder Jimmy plunges his face in there with such a smile.

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Last modified: Mar 20, 2013

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