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A deep kiss, your groins and beards affixed to each other. Lips sealed tightly around the shaft, planted to the base. Ass cheeks squeezing, riding down to the root. Do you know how to Grind like you mean it?

Let TitanMen exclusive Jessy Ares and his friends show you how it’s done.

After voraciously sucking Jessy Ares’ uncut monster, James Corman offers his ass as the top grunt fucks him.

Jimmy Durano sees his sketch come to life with the arrival of model Cavin Knight, whose cock stays rock hard as he gets plowed by the artist.

A tattoo parlor gets down and dirty as Collin Stone sucks bud Christopher Daniels and ink artist Caleb Colton, a flip fuck closing out the action.

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This is Titanmen director Jasun Mark’s follow-up to last year’s Nightfall. Writing on his own blog, he explained that GRIND was meant to be the polar opposite of his first Titanmen movie. Where Nightfall had a dark, surreal look and a theme of breaking down the walls and venturing into the dark places of Los Angeles to find the action your instinct told you to find, GRIND shows a very analogue, organic view of the same city.

The low-resolution, static and jittery TV signal over the opening credits sets the style and mirroring the opening shot of Nightfall’s shot of downtown Los Angeles at night, GRIND opens with the same view of downtown, shot at midday with the sun beaming down on Jessy Ares and James Corman making out on the roof.

The second scene features Cavin Knight’s last scene ever shot (Cavin is still very visible in the industry but is now doing more promotions and events with his long-time boyfriend Tristan Jaxx) as a live model posing for Jimmy Durano, an artist with an attraction to Cavin that goes beyond just physical. The two men perform an incredible scene together that’s got a very real emotional slant to it. And Cavin is still one of the best bottoms we’ve had the pleasure of working with (you can see him here in Command Performance with Dario Beck).

The third and final scene is a Balls-To-The-Wall 3-way shot in a downtown Tattoo Studio (using the real-life studio of Marginalized Tattoo and noted comic book and tattoo artist Dave Davenport who worked as a consultant on that scene teaching Caleb Colton how to use the tattoo needles on Collin Stone). Christopher Daniels takes matters into his own hands in that way a lot of us have wanted to… sees something hot, whips out his dick and starts jerking off while watching… then instigates some action right there on the tattoo table (random trivia…. the tattoo studio that was used was repurposed and also used for the Sex Club at the end of Nightfall).

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Check out the extended preview of Scene One with Jessy Ares and James Corman  PLUS a big gallery of stills after the jump…

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