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T-Rex’ “20TH CENTURY BOY” (JeanLuc Verna Vs Francois Sagat) by ” I Apologize” . from sagat on Vimeo.

Many of you will remember the gloriously melancholic and artful song and video Hades that Francois Sagat and Sylvia Gobbel recorded and released last year.

Since he actually proved to have a very good singing voice, a few people suggested that either it wasn’t Francois’s voice they were hearing or that it was “auto-tuned.”

Well here he is proving that in fact… Francois Sagat CAN sing and he can carry it off live. Performing on stage with the French band I Apologize, here he is lending a chorus to the T Rex classic “20th Century Boy.”

Francois posted on his blog that they did three songs in total and that there was a concert video shot (what you’re seeing above is a fan-shot clip from the audience) and that a better video and recording would surface later.

And if you want to see Francois perform in last years “Movie Of The Year,” check him out in Incubus.

Last modified: Jan 30, 2013

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