Brian Mills’ last day directing


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Only a handful of people knew he was moving on at the time. Brian didn’t want to make a big deal of moving on from Titanmen and porn. Besides, he told us, he would be back from time to time… maybe a special project here and there, coming by to help consult on a shoot, even just dropping by for a company party.

But there was still a bit of a nostalgic feeling on set that day. Just a bit sad, maybe, but more hopeful and happy. Brian spent the morning giving some last pointers to the production team that would be continuing on without him. Paul Wilde would be taking his role of head of production and Jasun Mark would be taking over the duties shooting still photography and as secondary director.

Most of the scenes shot that week were for a Joe Gage movie slated for release in early Spring of 2013 and Brian had assembled a bunch of his favorite performers to work with… Hunter Marx, Jessy Ares, David Anthony, Race Cooper, Kyle Quinn, Jessie Coulter and for this scene… Jesse Jackman and Adam Russo (yes, there were three men named Jesse/Jessie/Jessy on set which made for a few confusing interactions).

Once this final scene for Down and Dirty was shot… Brian spontaneously let this out and after a few more smiles… the guys came upstairs from the set to the offices where we all had a big cake, had a laugh and said our goodbyes.

Of course… Brian’s already come back for one short visit to the set… shooting some promotional stills of our stunning new Titanmen Exclusive Jay Bentley.

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  1. Brian Mills is my favorite director,titan wont be the same without him!!!!!!

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