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The third and final scene from Nightfall. And the movie sure goes out with a BANG.

Scott Hunter plays a very nervous and shy Brit who sheepishly walks into his first gay sex club. The way his eyes bug out of his head in shock when he finds out he’ll have to give identification to enter, shocked and scared but still determined to enter… hot. The way he timidly says “yeah…” when asked “is this your first time at a sex club?” is hotter.

But the action that happens when Jessy Ares the doorman grabs him and fucks him hard right there at the front desk… HOTTEST.

Seeing Scott shout and moan as Jessy’s huge uncut dick slams into his asshole is what gay porn is all about. Scott’s equally-big and beautiful Uncut British Meat makes me wanna hop across the pond and um.. have a… apples and pears… Fuck it, I know shit about British slang I just wanna blow him.

Nightfall tells the stories of men who are no longer willing to keep their walls up, no longer able to resist their most primal needs and go out into the darkness, into the danger, to find what they know they want.

The movie itself is dark, surreal and riveting. You can easily see yourself in the role of the “new” guy… a bit scared but not letting that stop him as he’s drawn to the action.  The characters are real and the settings are exciting. The hardcore scenes… top-notch.

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