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When George met Samuel


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The first day of production for the first scene from Paul Wilde’s new movie Strobe, the guys were working with two “new” guys.

While Samuel Colt is one of the biggest gay porn stars of the last 10 years, arguable ever, but this was his first appearance in a Titanmen movie. George Ce had also appeared in a handful of scenes a while back but this was his first work in a “big” movie.

Story from the set is that while the guys prepared to get their stills taken, Sam and George were all over each other, getting revved up for the camera.And I do mean big.

But when George dropped his pants, the whole room went silent… even Sam was at a loss for words.


While this isn’t part of the scene, here’s some candid shots taken of the guys as they “get to know each other.”

Must be hard work…

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Paul Wilde Teaches how to Clothespin your Friends.


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While shooting at the Mr. S Leather space last month for an up-coming Titanmen Rough movie, Paul Wilde gave Shay Michaels some quick tips on the best way to partake in a bit of light BDSM with some Clothespins and Aymeric Deville.

As an added bonus, Aymeric shows us how to lock up your balls.

There really never is a dull moment around here.

You can see Aymeric Deville’s Titanmen movies here. And you can see Shay Michaels in action at Titanmen here.

And check out the entire Titanmen Rough series here.

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A sneak peek at the new Titanmen movie Strobe. Starring Jesse Jackman, George Ce, Samuel Colt, Jessy Ares, Marcus Isaac and Casey Williams, Strobe takes place all in one night at a huge downtown dance club filled with sweaty men, muscle and sexual energy.

Playing out over a throbbing continuous mix soundtrack by DiscoPup, Strobe takes place all in one night as the men at STROBE just can’t get enough.

On DVD and at

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Live from the set


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While the guys are out in Palm Springs currently wrapping up the last scenes being shot in 2012, a few random cell phone pictures, stories and video clips are hitting Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Here’s a few you may or may not have seen.

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Get Titanmen 50% OFF – Nightfall – Jessy Ares and Scott Hunter


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The third and final scene from Nightfall. And the movie sure goes out with a BANG.

Scott Hunter plays a very nervous and shy Brit who sheepishly walks into his first gay sex club. The way his eyes bug out of his head in shock when he finds out he’ll have to give identification to enter, shocked and scared but still determined to enter… hot. The way he timidly says “yeah…” when asked “is this your first time at a sex club?” is hotter.

But the action that happens when Jessy Ares the doorman grabs him and fucks him hard right there at the front desk… HOTTEST.

Seeing Scott shout and moan as Jessy’s huge uncut dick slams into his asshole is what gay porn is all about. Scott’s equally-big and beautiful Uncut British Meat makes me wanna hop across the pond and um.. have a… apples and pears… Fuck it, I know shit about British slang I just wanna blow him.

Nightfall tells the stories of men who are no longer willing to keep their walls up, no longer able to resist their most primal needs and go out into the darkness, into the danger, to find what they know they want.

The movie itself is dark, surreal and riveting. You can easily see yourself in the role of the “new” guy… a bit scared but not letting that stop him as he’s drawn to the action.  The characters are real and the settings are exciting. The hardcore scenes… top-notch.

See all of Nightfall at

Nightfall is currently on sale on DVD at the Titanmen store here.

And Titanmen is currently 50% OFF when you get 6 Months for $89.95.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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An increasingly less regular collection of the best group emails floating around the Titanmen office intranet.

While shooting scenes with Titanmen exclusive Aymeric Deville plus Titanmen friends Wilfried Knight, Adam Russo, Shay Michaels and Lance Navarro, Titanmen director of production Paul Wilde took the guys on a field trip to Mr. S Leather in San Francisco’s SoMa district. A good time was had by all… (more video of the trip at Mancast)

Think Geek continues their line of bacon products. This time with the irresistible Talking Bacon Plush Toy. You’ve got a friend in meat.

The internet has ended with it’s ultimate goal…an educational Wiki Page with nothing but different GIF videos of different techniques for male masturbation. Try them all, one is just right for you.

In the interest of keeping Nickleback off of Titanmen, I’ll just link to this “bad video and song will eventually bite you in the ass” parody “Look At this Instagram.”

15 Facts you should know about your Penis.

More Disastrous Results of ending DADT. The Four-Military-Man Piggy Back.

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Nightfall – Scene 1 with Alessio Romero and Thomas


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In all the excitement last week of the HUGE DVD blow-out, the Joe Gage reissues and the field trip we took to Mr. S Leather, I didn’t mention this rather amazing scene with Alessio Romero and Thomas in the new Titanmen movie Nightfall.

Alessio Romero is handsome as always, playing a mysterious and dominating character, luring the new-comer Thomas to his empty warehouse for an intense sexual encounter that blows the roof off the place.

Thomas has created a HUGE stir with his first-ever performance. We fell in love with his puppy dog eyes and that beautiful uncut dick… thick and meaty with a big cherry on top. Hope we get to see more of him later.

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The trailer for the new Jasun Mark movie Nightfall, available on DVD and now playing over at

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