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Showing us that he’s still one of the most handsome men in porn right now and still one of the nicest ones, too… Dario Beck posted a few videos of his still shoot with Titanmen director Jasun Mark for the upcoming movie Nightfall. Also on hand in Ty Roderick who hung around on set so he could volunteer as “Fluffer” to keep Dario hard. Somehow I’m thinking that’s not a hard position to fill.

See more here at Dario’s blog.

Dario plays a guy cruising for sex in a public park using a GPS cell phone app and snagging the guy by sending him some random cell phone pictures of his smile. And yeah. Cast perfectly. If a guy who looks like Dario sent me pictures of that smile, I’d go out at midnight and meet him in a dark, secluded part of the park, too.

You can see all of Dario’s movies here at Titanmen.com.

Watch for Nightfall starting November 27th at Titanmen.

Last modified: Nov 18, 2012

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