Jed Athens and Justin Beal are Rigid

Jed Athens is waiting on materials, and bearded client Justin Beal wants to collect. Jed plants a kiss before Justin licks down his smooth body, the trim cutie’s rock-hard cock bursting out onto Justin’s muscle chest. Jed’s hot pink head throbs on camera, Justin planting his lips to the base and rubbing Jed’s legs. Jed licks down Justin’s bod, a thick throbber waiting for him. Jed holds on to Justin’s sac as he sucks, reaching up to rub his chest above.

Jed turns him around and feasts on his hole, spreading Justin’s cheeks wide and diving his tongue inside to lick, spit and bite his ass. The two kiss, cocks together, before Jed fucks Justin from behind, the bottom’s stiff cock bobbing. Jed reaches around and jacks the bottom as he fucks him, then turns him over. Close-up shots capture Jed’s tight balls, the top moving to a slow and sensual rhythm (“Like that?”) as Justin strokes. Jed moans as he squirts, his load dripping down Justin’s sac before the bottom lets loose of an unforgettable seven-stream gusher that coats his body.

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Jeff Stronger and Stefano Dimarco. Fucking in French.

OK so the fact that Jeff and Stefano both speak Fluent French makes this video even hotter as they chat back and forth. Two hot men… two big uncut dicks… Jeff’s massive, muscular, meaty body is a sight to see. His legs are like tree trunks, his chest like the softest bed I could fall asleep on. And most of all, his brutish looks are totally undone by his boyish smile.

Stefano opens Jeff up and lets him have it.

Here’s an extended clip of their ssene from the new Titanmen movie Rigid.

… enjoy…

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Looking up at Francois fucking. You’d have a hard time holding the camera still, too.

People often ask about the shot from underneath when fucking in a porn movie. It’s always one of the hardest shots to get… here’s a complete, unedited clip.. you can hear the camera operator telling Francois to move his leg, Titanmen director Brian Mills yelling out to repeat lines to make sure they’re recorded. And yet… the guys keep on fucking…

This is some unedited footage from Incubus. The kind of thing that just gets incorporated into the movie. But this clip has been circulating the office for a couple weeks and considering how many times I’ve had to um… excuse myself and watch it on my iPad in the supply closet, AND considering how popular Francois is here, I figured this would be something that you’d all want to see.

Watch the whole movie at Titanmen.

Brian Mills Head Cam.

Titanmen director Brian Mills had a lot of fun with the new head cam he’d gotten to shoot parts of Incubus with Francois Sagat.

So he spent a couple days wearing it on his head to do some work and show people what he saw and did while shooting a porn movie. What he captures is… a mind-blowing and fascinating look into the making of Francois Sagat’s incredible movie.

You can watch both movies in the Incubus series at Titanmen.

Francois In The Desert

Doing some location scouting. The Desert in the Cochella Valley is stunning. Huge, and vast and many parts totally empty. Scorching hot and dry, desolate and rather beautiful.

Miles and miles of sand, rock, cactus and… since Francois asks, rattle snakes, tarantulas and scorpions.

Which is why he chose to smear himself with mud, lay naked on the ground and use it for the opening sequence of his movie Incubus.

Aymeric Deville is back at Titanmen!

The thick-dicked, handsome and ripped Aymeric Deville is back at Titanmen. This time in the new Paul Wilde movie “Rigid,” alongside scene partner Ty Roderick. The guys get right to action in this one… both guys have big dicks and love to touch and kiss.

But seeing the look on Aymeric’s face when Ty slides up his hole is a thing of beauty.

It’s been a while since we saw Aymeric. His last appearance was in Francois Sagat’s “Incubus.” So great to have him back…

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Behind the Scenes with Race Cooper and Tristan Jaxx

Some behind the scenes fun with Tristan and Race while they were on set shooting their new scene for In Deep. Conversations turn from laughing at bloopers, wether a cut or uncut dick feels better to get fucked with, wether depth or width is better to make you cum, which positions look better vs which feel better and then a weird bit where they cast Harry Potter spells on each other.

This is on set at a porn shoot. Hot, funny, strange and obviously just as much fun as fucking with guys as hot as Tristan and Race Cooper.

You can see the finished movie In Deep (which also has scenes with  David Anthony, Christopher Daniels, Tibor Wolfe, Mack Manus and Kieron Knight) here at the newly-designed and totally-amazing new Titanmen Website.

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PLUS some of Joe Gage’s best work with movies like Arcade on Route 9, Copperhead Canyon, the Men’s Room Series and his massive hit from last year “Inmates.”

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Tristan Jaxx goes In Deep

We always love working with Tristan Jaxx and Race Cooper. So when we got the chance to get them together… it was just the explosion of sexual energy and massive cum shots that you’d expect.

With Race Cooper’s jock bod slumbering near him, Tristan Jaxx can’t help himself—he goes straight for his lover’s jock ass, firing his tongue deep inside. Race turns around and feeds his steel shaft to Tristan, who fingers his moaning bud as he sucks him. Tristan stands up and feeds his big uncut cock to Race, who wraps his lips tightly around the shaft. Tristan flashes a killer smile down at the sucker, soon turning him around and fucking him from behind as Race’s boner is splayed out against the edge of the mattress.

Race then sits on the top and grinds his bubble butt down tight, grabbing hold of Tristan’s pecs as he bounces (“Fuck you’re hot!”) and the top jacks and sucks him. The bottom turns around and rides, his rock-hard cock bouncing off his own chiseled abs. The two come, including a multi-gusher from Tristan that has them both smiling.

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