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Here’s the third and final scene from Joe Gage’s new Titanmen release “Joe Gage’s Special Reserve” with Titanmen Exclusive Jessy Ares and Kyle Quinn.

Someone at the office yesterday described  “Special Reserve” as “The Love American Style of gay porn.” For those of you who watched TV in horrified bafflement on saturday afternoons while the 70s anthology show of short but cute stories about couples hooking up, you’ll get it. “Special Reserve” isn’t a full-length movie with a story arc and characters, but a bunch of new scenes with single-scene story lines.

Joe has already released a very successful bunch of one-off scenes for his self-produced “Joe Gage Sex Files” series on his own site (click to check those out).

But unlike his intentionally low-fi Sex Files movies, Special Reserve is the top-quality that you’d expect when you get Joe Gage and Titanmen together (For proof of this, check out his mega-hits 110° In Tucson, Arcade on Route 9, Home Invasion and Copperhead Canyon) but shows Joe adapting to the new medium of one-off scenes that the internet made possible.

With the success of “Special Reserve,” Joe has promised more self-contained scenes coming to Titanmen.

Stay Tuned….

Last modified: Sep 5, 2012

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