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The Amazing new Titanmen Website.


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Titanmen celebrates our 17th year in bringing the best gay adult movies to an ever-growing audience. First available on VHS  with DVDs and then BluRays and now a new website that lets you stream the entire online catalogue. Crystal Clear HD video, remastered movies from the vaults, new scenes daily and some excellent behind-the-scenes looks at the movies.

Photo sets, cum shot collections and more.

Working beautifully with both desktop computers and mobile devices.


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Titanmen Set Report


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Last week before the Folsom Street Fair, the guys in production quietly put together a quick production run to take advantage of a few of our favorite men being in town… Porn Power Couple Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber along with their friend Hunter Marx were all visiting for the festivities and it made sense with that much testosterone in stock to get the guys in front of a camera to see what would happen.

Paul Wilde directed a scene with Jesse and Dirk (their second together, the first being from the Titan Rough movie “Loud and Nasty“). But they were also able to add a couple of new faces to the mix… Landon Conrad is already a big star but he did his first two scenes for Titanmen, one with Jesse and the other with Hunter Marx.

And finally… Dirk Caber did a scene with a new guy named Jay that everyone on set said not only did a great job but he was handsome and had a body that has to be seen to be believed. No face pictures of him yet but there’s one of his back with a camera in his face. Dirk sure seems to like what he sees…

More info on all of these scenes later.

Stay Tuned.

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“I ordered this pizza with extra sausage”


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OK so if you look up “gay porn cliches,” the ‘Pizza Boy getting fucked‘ is probably next to ‘Jock blowing the coach.’

But Mack Manus and Kieron Knight take it up again and just like any Brian Mills feature that has an intentionally-silly theme, they to do it with a bit of a wink to the camera that lets you know they’re in on the joke.

Mack, of course, looks great as always, and the “daddy and younger guy” dynamic between them is clearly one that they’re both into.

This is the second scene from the new Titanmen movie “In Deep.”

Click Here to get it on DVD.

Or Click Here to stream it instantly in crystal-clear HD only on the Titanmen Website.

OR… the best of both…

Join the Titanmen DVD Club and not only get every new Titanmen DVD before it’s available anywhere else, but also get full and unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue at

Check out the still gallery after the jump…
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HardWork – Stephen Colbert’s favorite gay porn movie.


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Last week I wrote that a recent commentary by comedian Stephen Colbert on his news parody show* had mentioned the Classic Titanmen movie “Hardwork.”

And that spawned a LOT of interest in the movie, which has been hard to track down on DVD for quite a while. But when people took one look at that bold look on the face of mega-star Tober Brandt, the email boxes here started to fill with requests to see the movie.

And since we here at Titanmen NEVER want to leave you with a case of blue balls, we re-released it this past weekend to Titanmen’s website. Hardwork had been digitally remastered and was in line to be rolled out along with a lot of classic Titanmen movies that had only been available on DVD… many hadn’t been available in any form for a long time.

Another recent classic that was given the remaster treatment was the similarly-themed Road to Redneck Hollow which also features Tober Brandt alongside iconic Titanmen star Dean Flynn.

Now you get it streaming in crystal clear video that’s cleaned up and looks amazing. And with men like that, you want to see every hair and drop of sweat.

Hardwork’s most famous scene shows Tober Brandt being topped by Chuck Scott. The Blue Collar Men Fucking theme is what backdrops this collection from Brian Mills and all three scenes are favorites if you like those dirty-under-the-nails and rough-skin-on-the-hands types.

So here it is in all it’s glory… The Titanmen Classic Hardwork. Which you can say also helps Stephen Colbert wank out his “angry white man sperm.”  Which I’d be oddly interested in seeing. I love those pent-up, raging sexually types.

(*although it’s on the comedy network, there are reportedly people who actually think it’s a real news show)
Click Here to see it at Titanmen.

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SHOVE IT. (that’s one BIG dildo. Wow.)


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If you want to see a hot young man take dildos that would send most guys running from the room… the new Paul Wilde movie for Titan Rough “Shove It” is your movie…

Donned in a harness and latex, muscular Dirk Caber directs lean Jeof Pierson down to his throbbing cock. “All the way down,” instructs the dom, who grabs hold of the light-skinned sucker’s head and shoves his dick all the way in. Dirk growls as he gets serviced, reaching over to smack Jeof’s ass before turning him around and slurping his hole. Dirk’s boner throbs as he eats, multiple strands of precum leaking from his rod.

They glisten as Dirk dildo-fucks Jeof, warming it up for the top’s cock. “Good boy,” says Dirk as he pounds away, a low shot catching his deep penetration and banging balls as the bottom’s wet ass hairs cling to the shaft. On his back, Jeof’s face lets off expressions of extreme pleasure as Dirk fills his hole with dildo after dildo, the bottom’s ass gaping and begging for more as he gets fucked fast. Dirk gives him the real thing again, grabbing hold of Jeof’s harness as he plows—the two soon releasing their loads.

Click Here to see all the Hardcore fetish action at Titan Rough.

Check out more stills after the jump.

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Steven Colbert gets a GRIP on Titanmen…!


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Last night’s episode of The Colbert Report featured a bit about how the GOP has gotten up set that there aren’t enough “angry white men” to support their party in the long-term… or… something. Stephen’s solution to this problem was to market his own brand of “Angry White Man Sperm” that he would “whip up” while watching Tober Brandt and Chuck Scott in action…

But we’re not totally sure that would work.

Try an experiment. Call over three or four of your best buddies, watch Tober in action here with Arpad Miklos, Park Wiley and Tyler Saint, and see if once you’re all done… anyone is in a bad mood.

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Tibor Wolfe Double-Fucked


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Tibor Wolfe gets opened WAY up by Titanmen Exclusive David Anthony and Christopher Daniels in the new Titanmen feature “In Deep.”

Shop worker Christopher Daniels is in a bind. Perhaps a favor would lower his invoice? “Get down on your knees,” says David Anthony, whose giant cock is soon slurped to the root. David grabs his monster balls and feeds then to the breathless Christopher, who engulfs them. David gets his cock worshipped some more as a stream of spit slides down his sac. Tattooed Tibor Wolfe spots the duo, David reaching for his jock and releasing the mechanic’s big boner—then gagging as he deep-throats it (“Fuckin’ choke on that cock!”). Christopher takes turns sucking his buds, their arms wrapped around each other. The two suck him back before Tibor gets on all fours, slurping on Christopher as David fingers and munches his ass.

Christopher grabs hold of Tibor’s jock and fucks him doggie style, David’s boner grazing the top’s leg. Christopher wraps his arm around David, then strokes him from behind before David feeds Tibor. The bottom sits down on David, who spreads his cheeks. Christopher slides in from behind, his balls slamming against David’s shaft as a verbal Tibor takes a deep double penetration (“Pound my fucking hole!”). David fucks him on his back as the bottom sucks Christopher, the three soon squirting.

Click Here to see it at Titanmen.

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“The Interview” – new from Joe Gage


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Here’s the third and final scene from Joe Gage’s new Titanmen release “Joe Gage’s Special Reserve” with Titanmen Exclusive Jessy Ares and Kyle Quinn.

Someone at the office yesterday described  “Special Reserve” as “The Love American Style of gay porn.” For those of you who watched TV in horrified bafflement on saturday afternoons while the 70s anthology show of short but cute stories about couples hooking up, you’ll get it. “Special Reserve” isn’t a full-length movie with a story arc and characters, but a bunch of new scenes with single-scene story lines.

Joe has already released a very successful bunch of one-off scenes for his self-produced “Joe Gage Sex Files” series on his own site (click to check those out).

But unlike his intentionally low-fi Sex Files movies, Special Reserve is the top-quality that you’d expect when you get Joe Gage and Titanmen together (For proof of this, check out his mega-hits 110° In Tucson, Arcade on Route 9, Home Invasion and Copperhead Canyon) but shows Joe adapting to the new medium of one-off scenes that the internet made possible.

With the success of “Special Reserve,” Joe has promised more self-contained scenes coming to Titanmen.

Stay Tuned….

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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• Dario Beck writes about his recent trip to a furniture store that he found while shopping for furnishings for his new apartment in Barcelona. Seems that while the couch was comfortable, the lamp looked like it might be fun to sit on, too.

• David Anthony has been having a great time with his Mancast channel, mostly posting videos of himself working naked in his garage or his kitchen but last week he posted a VERY hot video of himself jerking off and blowing a big load.

• The Always-Busy-With-Something Jesse Jackman wants to get fucked in your bedroom.

• Speaking of Jesse, He’s also posted this fun video of Dirk Caber sleeping. Which is strangely hot.

• But most fun this week on Jesse’s blog was all the candid shots that he posted from his recent run of scenes with Casey Williams and Anthony London.

• New performer Liam Magnuson has only shot a couple of scenes and none have been released yet, but he’s already got a growing fanbase on Twitter who were excited to see this video over at Mancast with he and Devin Adam blowing each other to while having their still pictures taken.

• New Titanmen director Jasun Mark posted some very entertaining video with Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn over on his blog of fun they had while shooting promotional stills for the most recent Joe Gage movie “Special Reserve.”

Francois Sagat is many things. Fascinating, hot, enigmatic, hard working, funny and creative.

But he’s never boring.

His blog has become a place to find amazing behind-the-scenes video, engaging music and short glimpses into his life. He also posts some stunningly beautiful photographs of himself along with some fascinating commentary about what the pictures mean.

His most recent addition, “Le Miroir” is no exception.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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Why do men have nipples?

The Dick Mitten. And all I can think of is “It kinda looks like Michigan.”

John Barrowman, King of the Gay Gaymers, Gay Comic Geeks and Gay Sci-Fi Fans poses in Superhero undies. If you don’t know who John Barrowman is, just watch this clip from the BBC show Torchwood. Quite possibly the hottest gay kiss in Sci-Fi history. And yes…he’s gay. So yay.

Manly, Weaponized… notebooks. For the student in your life who just has everything and wants to blow that shit up.

Positively hilarious anti-porn video. What’s up with the two guys who suddenly look down? Are they praying, hanging their heads in shame or just comparing dick size?

Now that the newly renovated Titanmen office is done and in full operation, I have decided that I want a Blob Office. Imagine being able to live, work and um… I guess cryo-sleep in a big, white jellybean-like house.

Buck Angel,transman,  friend to many here at Titanmen AND former Titanmen star (featured in Brian Mill’s ground-breaking Cirque Noir) has launched his own dating site. He also wrote a pretty good article about it for Huffington Post.

Rehab kit for Social Media Addicts. OK, so it’s more of a parody than anything. But I can imagine how fun it would be to just walk around to stick “LIKE” stickers on everything.

Considering the amount of espresso consumed here at the Titanmen office (I have an espresso maker on my desk), this is probably less of a fun accessory and more of a business expense write off.

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