Jesse Jackman and Hunter Marx – RE-Sign as Titanmen Exclusives.


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(San Francisco, August 27, 2011) Titan Media, parent company of gay mega-brands TitanMen, MSR Video, TitanMen Fresh and Rough, is pleased to announce it has re-signed both Hunter Marx and Jesse Jackman as exclusive performers. This hot duo can be seen together in the TitanMen feature, Surveillance, for which both were nominated for two 2012 Grabby awards for “Best Duo” and “Hottest Rimming”.

“When Jesse and Hunter walked in together on the set of Surveillance, I knew the sex was going to be fantastic. I’m thrilled to continue working with both of them”, says director Paul Wilde. “From his rock hard cock to the sweat dripping down his hairy chest, Hunter Marx is always a pleasure to watch in action. His smile is disarming and he brings a confidence to the set that puts everyone at ease. I know a scene with Hunter is sure to be steamy.

Jesse Jackman throws himself completely into each scene and the connection he makes with a scene partner is amazing. His enthusiasm is contagious. A big teddy bear at heart, Jesse brings together a wonderful blend of brawn and playfulness.”

Hunter Marx recalls shooting that scene with Jesse, “The sex got pretty rough and we ended up breaking the set by ripping the plumbing off the wall. Sometimes shit breaks when you really get into the sex and it adds to the excitement.” Jesse Jackman adds, “I shot my first scene ever — for Surveillance — with Hunter exactly one year ago, and let me tell you, the guy’s amazing. He’s kind, whip-smart, and sexy as hell…

the very definition of a Titan Man. We’ve gone on to become good friends. I’m really excited to continue working with him at TitanMen!”

When asked why they re-signed with Titan Media, Hunter Marx said, “Because fucking hot guys doesn’t get old and TitanMen supplies the very best. Plus, I have a few more fantasies I hope to live out in front of the camera. Jesse Jackman said, “I’m very excited to continue working with TitanMen. The TitanMen guys are a lot more than just my colleagues… they’ve become my friends… and we seem to have a pretty amazing thing going here, so why stop now? I love everything about working with TitanMen. The men are smokin’ hot, the shoots are super fun, and the Titan staff is professional, friendly, and very good at what they do.”

Hunter Marx can also be seen in the following TitanMen features: Stud Finder, Reckless, Fight, Fuck and Fist, Sticking Point, Incubus, Fixation, Inmates, Overheated, Speechless and Impulse.

Jesse Jackman can also be seen in the following TitanMen features: Fast Friends, Loud and Nasty, Incubus 2, and Command Performance.

And don’t miss Jesse Jackman’s Blog…

One can buy TitanMen DVDs at the Titanmen DVD Store or view them online by joining for as low as $11.50/month.

Last modified: Aug 29, 2012

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  1. […] has written a blog post about the great news and you can read the official press release at the Titan blog. I emailed Titan lead director Paul Wilde, who has become somewhat of an avuncular figure to me, […]

  2. herbert says:

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