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Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman just posted about his first anniversary of being a Titanman. Over at his blog, he posted his original model application and the pictures that he sent that made us fall in love with him at first sight. (if you don’t regularly check his blog.. do so. It’s always filled with fun, insightful and entertaining stuff)

Jesse had already performed in two scenes for us when he made his first public appearance as a Titan Man at the Folsom Street Fair, but none of his movies were out yet. Fans didn’t know who he was but they fell head over heels for him the moment that massive wall of muscle smiled and spoke to them and they couldn’t get enough.

His first appearance was an un-credited role as Francois Sagat’s body double in the famous underwater wrestling scene in Incubus Part 1. I posted a lot of video from that scene here before. Do some searching.

His first “REAL” appearance was with Hunter Marx in Surveillance and people went crazy to see the big muscle man bottom for the Hairy Hunter.

We’ve also seen him in Command Performance, an actual appearance in Incubus 2 and his most recent scene with Mack Manus in Fast Friends.. He also did a scene for the extreme fetish Titanmen Rough movie Loud and Nasty with his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber (whom he met while they were both working the Titanmen booth at Folsom. How’s that for fate?).

More scenes coming up including one shot the an unnamed Joe Gage movie with Jessy Ares that was described as “film noir… like 60s crime mystery.”

We’re happy to have him with us… Click Here to see all of Jesse’s movies.

Last modified: Aug 6, 2012

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