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People have been asking about Stany Falcone from the new Titan movie “Stud Finder” and his scene with Race Cooper.

Stany is a new face to Titanmen but if you’re a fan of European Football (that North Americans call “Soccer”), you might recognize him as former professional player Jonathan De Falco who played for various Belgian teams from 2003-2010. Having left pro sports behind, he’s now a model, performer, dancer and yes… Titanmen star in the new Brian Mills movie “Stud Finder.”

You can check out his blog and personal website here.

Or you can see him in action at Titanmen here.

And keep watching… Stany has more to come here at Titanmen and we’re sure you’re going to love seeing his hansome, versatile and uncut Belgian stud in action.

Last modified: Jul 9, 2012

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  1. trex says:

    Great to see you letting Stany be versatile in Fast Friends. He looks great bottoming. Now if you will just stop using Jesse Ayres as a top (sorry he looks ridiculous topping, way “over the top” so to speak. he quite obviously is a bottom in his private life).

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