Adam Herst Is ALL Wet


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OK, this isn’t just a water sports/piss scene… the new scene from Paul Wilde’s “Pissed and Probed.” Not every movie starts with a guy pissing his jeans like the flood that Adam lets loose down his tight, denim-wrapped legs, and nobody gets a smile wider on his face than Adam when he’s drenched by his own and then a BIG gush that Collin Stone lets go right in his face. Don’t worry, Adam gets Collin back after getting his jeans ripped open right up the middle and getting his ass eaten out. Adam lets more piss go in Collin’s face and all over his hairy chest. Wanna see whose ass ends up getting fucked hard in that sling?

The new Titanmen Rough movie “Pissed and Probed” is out today at

Last modified: Jul 2, 2012

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