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If Tattoos Actually told the Truth.

Barbie and Ken’s Loveless Marriage. And see, I had Ken living with GI Joe when I was a kid and they got along GREAT.

Want to make your own movies? Well cool. Here’s your starter kit. Go make come magic.

Bacon-flavored olive oil. Call it extra-virgin all you want, Wilbur, we all know what a pig you are.

The list of “What does America Make” seems to forget that Titanmen movies are made here in the Republic of California… which, since the offer to Canadians made to trade us for Alberta was rejected by the US, is still in America.

Game of Thrones Furniture is… well, let’s face it… there’s a porn movie there.

The 7 worst things that pilots have done mid-flight. And none of them are “blow Jesse Jackman in the cockpit.”

Last modified: Jun 24, 2012

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  1. Suas noticias são muito boas! Like!

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