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It was 2005. Joe Gage had returned in top form and had a perfect cast to tell the story. But you may not have seen the whole Alabama Takedown… A scene that was removed from the retail version as been re-added.

Cliff Rhodes (Men’s Room II: Gale Force) and Spencer Quest (Spy Quest, HORSE) leaded the cast as the brothers whose wrestling school has some holds not in the official rules.

A very young Blu Kennedy and a equally-young Colby Keller would solidify themselves as young men we’d be watching for years.

Mega Porn Daddy Ken Mack (Arcade on Route 9) was back and TitanMen stars Jon Galt (Fallen Angel IV), Jay Armstrong, Zack Evans and Owen Hawk were there too. This wasn’t just any gay porn movie. This was a

Alabama Takedown is another cunningly-crafted  classic from the master of cineporn, Joe Gage. This three-hour brawl is a hefty serving of  Gage hallmarks, with buddies jerkin’ it together, older dudes showing younger men the  ropes, and unshaven, sweaty wranglers in rough, no-holds barred manplay.

Gage’s terse, huskily-whispered sex talk drive the tension through all five  scenes into a massive  thirteen cum-shot final scene where TitanMen all-stars pound it out.

Oh… and in case you know the retail version of the DVD when it first came out and are confused about there being five scenes… the Luke Montana scene with the high school shop teacher showing his stepson and his best friend how to use a penis pump was removed to calm the tender sensibilities of stores. There were also water sports sequences that were removed from the movie that are back in and now only available on the new Titanmen Website that gives you access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue.

Check out Alabama Takedown here.

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