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Dario Beck was excited that his scene in Surveillance won for “Best Group Scene” at the Grabbys. This was Dario’s first award and we have to agree that the Grabbys got this one right. The four-way with Spencer Reed, Dario, Trenton Ducati and Christopher Daniels is a slam-dunk.

Surveillance is also the movie that introduced us to Jesse Jackman in a scene with Hunter Marx.

We’re really happy for our stars of that movie and hope there are a lot more awards in their future.

You can watch Surveillance at the new Titanmen Website (and all of Dario’s movies).

Read Dario’s blog post about it here.

Jesse Jackman had a GREAT time at IML with Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and I wanna know who the guy between Jesse and Dirk is. I wanna know now.

If you missed Jesse’s Live Blog from IML as he posted videos to his Mancast Channel, check it out now.

And also check out his VERY hot and fun-looking collection of pictures that he shot while he was there.

Jesse’s Blog is a regular must-read. His witty, insightful and very unguarded posts show that he’s actually hotter on the inside than the out.


Francois Sagat posted this to his blog. Notice anything missing?


Don’t worry… Francois has not has his signature head tattoo removed. That was for a video project that he posted to his blog.

Francois is never one to miss an opportunity to shock us, confuse or or surprise us. So it doesn’t come as a shock that he’d send us something like that without any explanation.

You can also get a look at Francois and 5 other Titanmen stars in the new DVD collection “Top to Bottom” showcasing the best versatile Titanmen stars.

And finally…

David Anthony would like you all to know that he does have an asshole.


Last modified: Jun 7, 2012

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