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Making Stud Finder


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Here’s a quick look from the set of Stud Finder with Trenton Ducati, Ford Andrews and Jed Athens. The guys laughed a lot while they were getting ready for the scene. While the crew got their cameras and lights and gear set up, the men got down to the serious business of some Hard Dick.

You can see the complete scene here at the new Titanmen Website

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Stud Finder 3-Way with Trenton, Jed and Ford


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(on mobile and can’t see this video? Click Here to watch the whole 7-minute preview!)

Trenton Ducati returns to Titanmen to join to new faces: Jed Athens, a self-described “country boy” and Ford Andrews, another southern gentleman come to the big city (or medium-sized city, this was shot in San Francisco) to show what a life of southern cooking and outdoor living does to a man’s physique.

I booked my ticket the next day.

This is scene two from the new Titanmen feature “Stud Finder” that you can see now only on the new Titanmen website – along with the entire Titanmen online catalogue that features some of the best Man-on-Man action in gay porn history. Movies like Fallen Angel, Arcade on Route 9, 110° in Phoenix, Detour, all the way to modern-day classics like Joe Gage’s Inmates and Francois Sagat’s Incubus.

Click Here to see the whole movie…

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Hunter Marx and Will Swagger in Stud Finder


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A while back I posted a hysterically funny clip from a Titanmen movie in production that at the time had the working title of “Fast Friends” but has now been released with the title “Stud Finder.” After seeing the finished scene… I’m agreeing with the decision to change the title.

Hunter Marx is one of the most handsome men who doesn’t seem to have any idea that he’s handsome at all. Soft-spoken and gentle but with a “Strong Silent Type” thing that drives me nuts. Those eyes and that dick that seems to stay hard permanently. And Will Swagger is the happy guy on the receiving end.

Click Here to see the movie at Titanmen.com

Stud Finder will also available on DVD and it’s the newest selection in the Titanmen DVD Club.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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If Tattoos Actually told the Truth.

Barbie and Ken’s Loveless Marriage. And see, I had Ken living with GI Joe when I was a kid and they got along GREAT.

Want to make your own movies? Well cool. Here’s your starter kit. Go make come magic.

Bacon-flavored olive oil. Call it extra-virgin all you want, Wilbur, we all know what a pig you are.

The list of “What does America Make” seems to forget that Titanmen movies are made here in the Republic of California… which, since the offer to Canadians made to trade us for Alberta was rejected by the US, is still in America.

Game of Thrones Furniture is… well, let’s face it… there’s a porn movie there.

The 7 worst things that pilots have done mid-flight. And none of them are “blow Jesse Jackman in the cockpit.”

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Shooting the Underwater Jack Off sequence in Francois Sagat’s Incubus


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The hottest part of this scene is seeing Jesse and Francois laughing so much white shooting this scene.

A couple days ago, Francois Sagat posted a montage of underwater test shots that were done in preparation before shooting the underwater wrestling a jerk off sequence in his movie Incubus. Here’s the actual shooting of the scene with Jesse Jackman, Francois Sagat, Brian Mills, Bruce Cam, Paul Wilde, Jasun Mark and also onset was Christopher Daniels who had a very brief cameo (you might not have realized that his legs appear in a 2-second glimpse underwater).

You can see the finished scene in Francois Sagat’s Incubus over at the new Titanmen website… 

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Let’s Talk about Dick


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Jessy Ares on the set of the up-coming Titanmen movie Fast Friends.

It’s not just the shape or size but the smells that really stoke Jessy’s engine. He performs in a scene with Will Swagger.

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Alabama Takedown – Remastered and Restored Titanmen Classics


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It was 2005. Joe Gage had returned in top form and had a perfect cast to tell the story. But you may not have seen the whole Alabama Takedown… A scene that was removed from the retail version as been re-added.

Cliff Rhodes (Men’s Room II: Gale Force) and Spencer Quest (Spy Quest, HORSE) leaded the cast as the brothers whose wrestling school has some holds not in the official rules.

A very young Blu Kennedy and a equally-young Colby Keller would solidify themselves as young men we’d be watching for years.

Mega Porn Daddy Ken Mack (Arcade on Route 9) was back and TitanMen stars Jon Galt (Fallen Angel IV), Jay Armstrong, Zack Evans and Owen Hawk were there too. This wasn’t just any gay porn movie. This was a

Alabama Takedown is another cunningly-crafted  classic from the master of cineporn, Joe Gage. This three-hour brawl is a hefty serving of  Gage hallmarks, with buddies jerkin’ it together, older dudes showing younger men the  ropes, and unshaven, sweaty wranglers in rough, no-holds barred manplay.

Gage’s terse, huskily-whispered sex talk drive the tension through all five  scenes into a massive  thirteen cum-shot final scene where TitanMen all-stars pound it out.

Oh… and in case you know the retail version of the DVD when it first came out and are confused about there being five scenes… the Luke Montana scene with the high school shop teacher showing his stepson and his best friend how to use a penis pump was removed to calm the tender sensibilities of stores. There were also water sports sequences that were removed from the movie that are back in and now only available on the new Titanmen Website that gives you access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue.

Check out Alabama Takedown here.

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The Titanmen Pride Sale – 6 DVDs/$99


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Not sure what to throw on the DVD player to get your Pride Day Party started… or keep it going?

Well with a new stack of Titanmen DVDs, the guys are going to be revving their engines in no time. The Titanmen DVD sale is on… Big Titanmen Hits on DVD and Bluray, 6 for $99 or Titanmen Classics 6 for $59. Add the Titanmen Fresh and Manplay titles for as little as $4.95 each and you have enough to keep it going all month.

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Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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Dario Beck was excited that his scene in Surveillance won for “Best Group Scene” at the Grabbys. This was Dario’s first award and we have to agree that the Grabbys got this one right. The four-way with Spencer Reed, Dario, Trenton Ducati and Christopher Daniels is a slam-dunk.

Surveillance is also the movie that introduced us to Jesse Jackman in a scene with Hunter Marx.

We’re really happy for our stars of that movie and hope there are a lot more awards in their future.

You can watch Surveillance at the new Titanmen Website (and all of Dario’s movies).

Read Dario’s blog post about it here.

Jesse Jackman had a GREAT time at IML with Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx and I wanna know who the guy between Jesse and Dirk is. I wanna know now.

If you missed Jesse’s Live Blog from IML as he posted videos to his Mancast Channel, check it out now.

And also check out his VERY hot and fun-looking collection of pictures that he shot while he was there.

Jesse’s Blog is a regular must-read. His witty, insightful and very unguarded posts show that he’s actually hotter on the inside than the out.


Francois Sagat posted this to his blog. Notice anything missing?


Don’t worry… Francois has not has his signature head tattoo removed. That was for a video project that he posted to his blog.

Francois is never one to miss an opportunity to shock us, confuse or or surprise us. So it doesn’t come as a shock that he’d send us something like that without any explanation.

You can also get a look at Francois and 5 other Titanmen stars in the new DVD collection “Top to Bottom” showcasing the best versatile Titanmen stars.

And finally…

David Anthony would like you all to know that he does have an asshole.


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Will Swagger gives Brad Kalvo a Head Trip


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After Brian Mills had wrapped up his work as director of photography on Francois Sagat’s visually-stunning and phantasmagorical Incubus movies, he mentioned feeling inspired to do something “dreamy and surreal” like his 2009 movie Flux. While not the corneal assault that he helped Francois realize on video, Head Trip is an fascinating mix of mood lighting, dreamy effects and an unreal sense of setting that conjures up more of a jerk-off fantasy than any real-life fucking.

Featuring a cast that skews to the older, hairy daddies from the Titanmen like in this scene with Will Swagger and Brad Kalvo, Head Trip has a lot of that manly and strong action that Titanmen’s movies feature. Seeing two men like Will and Brad go at it you know that these are men who really know how to fuck and just how they like it.

With your membership to the Titanmen website….

  • Two new Titanmen scenes per week, Streaming beautifully in crystal-clear HD.
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  • Award-winning modern classics like Surveillance, Incubus, Inmates, Funhouse and the Folsom series.
  • Movies from some of the biggest directors in Gay Porn like Joe Gage, Bruce Cam, Brian Mills, Paul Wilde and Michael Lucas.
  • Movies featuring some of the biggest gay porn stars in history like Dean Flynn, Francois Sagat, Dred Scott, Tober Brandt, Eduardo, Jessy Ares, Dario Beck, Jesse Jackman, Allen Silver, Tony Buff, Hunter Marx, Tyler LeBeouf and Blue Kennedy.
  • Downloadable High-quality stills.
  • Hours of bonus features, behind-the-scenes, production videos, cumshot compilations, “Fluffing” videos plus out-takes and more.
  • With an AppleTV unit and a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone, you can watch movies in HD on your big-screem TV. It’s like having the largest porn DVD collection in your pocket. One that you can access from anywhere, any time and nobody else even has to see (no more of that “dude… clean up that stack of smut before the guests arrive!”)
Head Trip is also available on DVD that includes a full digital copy of the movie. So you can add it to your personal digital video collection and take that with you anywhere you go.
OR… join the Titanmen DVD Club and not only get the new Titanmen DVDs before they’re available anywhere else, as a member you also get full access to the entire online catalogue. It’s the perfect deal for both worlds.

Click here to see it at Titanmen’s Website.

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Allen Silver get a Back Shave.


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There really is never a dull moment around here.

This very funny clip is from the set of Head Trip.

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