Titanmen Classics: 110° In Tucson


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There really is nothing better than having a job where I get to write about the movies that are responsible for the calluses on my hand. And I must have wanked off to the Dad/Son/Prowler scene MANY times.

110° In Tucson one of those movies that defined Joe Gage’s look and style. His love of rural American “Heartland” settings and a bunch of hot men of mixed ages getting dirty.

It’s got all the Hallmarks of Joe’s movies… The two young men being caught by the older night watchman and made to suck dick and get fucked, two cops in a cheap motel room for their lunch jerk off hour with the desk clerk, construction workers finding porn.

And of course the scene featuring a very young Blu Kenendy as a young man who tag teams an intruder with his father. Which is still one of those scenes that gets me going just thinking about it.

You can almost smell the crotch sweat and feel the muscles rubbing up against you. But it’s that “low-rent places with low-rent people” thing that makes all of Joe’s movies so good.

But this one resonated even more than most and became the highest-selling Titanmen DVD ever.

And while it’s still available on DVD in it’s extended version, it’s also newly remastered only on the new Titanmen website.

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Last modified: Jul 12, 2015

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