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If you’re going to IML, make sure to check out Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman with his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber as they “perform” at Steamworks. More info over at his blog

Speaking of Jesse Jackman, Francois Sagat posted a very fun behind-the-scenes video of himself applying the replica tattoos on Jesse before they did their famous underwater wrestling scene in Incubus part 1.

It’s rather fascinating to see him putting so much care and work into the makeup, especially knowing that the whole point was that the movements were going to be so fast it would be hard to make out who was who.

Francois also promises a video of the making of that scene coming soon along with “hours and hours” of bonus video and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the two Incubus movies.

Visually stunning and fascinating, it’s still a hot scene and the rumors circling about how they used five camera men, enough light to create artificial daylight under the water and the return of Bruce Cam to direct the underwater action are all true.

Stay tuned to Francois’s blog and his new Mancast Channel.

Dario Beck posted a short round up of his recent trip to Los Angeles to shoot three scenes for some up-coming Titanmen movies.

If you haven’t seen Dario lately, you can see him here in Command Performance and in a mega-hot 4-way in Surveillance.

Seeing Dario all giddy about finally getting to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame or go shopping on Melrose and Rodeo Drive was fun but we’re all looking forward to seeing his new scenes coming out.

The only scene partner that he named so far was Adam Russo who we’ve seen before in movies like Mojave Run and Hard and Fast.

Keep watching Dario’s blog for more news and pictures. You also might get a chance to see him burst into song again, too.

Finally, Jessy Ares shows us that he’s not just a singer and performer and hot man, he’s also a very good friend who not only strips on stage, he also helped strip the wallpaper off a friend’s wall. Now that’s friendship.

oh, and he gave a sneak peek at the new Titanmen movie Reckless.

Last modified: May 14, 2012

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