Tour of the Titan Blogs (with Francois Sagat, Jesse Ares and Jesse Jackman)


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Francois Sagat showed his warped sense of humor when he came up with a bunch of tasteless and hilarious puns about his asshole and the new Francois Sagat molded butt toy.

Even funnier was how he admitted that he had to get help translating one of them into English.

Although I do try to maintain at least a bit of a professional distance from the guys and I do love think of them as friends, all I can think of when I look at that is “that is the most inviting hole I’ve ever seen in my whole life and I honestly want to dive into that Mofo face first and not ever come back up.

Click Here to read about it on his blog.

Real-life boyfriends and Real-Live Porn Stars Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber posted these dual fucking clips on their blogs yesterday. And there really aren’t many words you can use to describe them other than “I need a cum rag.”

On Jesse’s blog, it’s a video of Jesse fucking Dirk.

And then on Dirk’s blog, it’s a video of Dirk fucking him back.

If you don’t read Jesse Jackman’s blog, I could do a whole regular blog post about his blog posts. They’ve included pictures of he and his friends on vacation… and by “vacation,” I mean, a whole bunch of hot studs renting a house and fucking.

He’s also included some fascinating behind-the-scnes looks at making porn movies like getting his “Francois Sagat Body Double” makeup done by Francois Sagat,  some really great video shot on set and even some “casual nudity” of him shopping for rubber and leather and then changing naked in front of everyone while talking about something totally different.

When you can make videos of yourself shopping that are this much fun… you deserve a mention.

Finally.. the new edition of the Jesse Ares blog made a splash with a bunch of video clips. Jessy Ares is curently touring around Europe performing songs from his album and signing copies of the porn movie that helps launch it, Command Performance.

See Jessy in two recent Titanmen hits Command Performance and Incubus.

And you can see more video clips on his blog.

Last modified: May 1, 2012

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