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Jessy Ares and Allen Silver in Head Trip


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While not the visual assault that viewers got with Francois Sagat’s Incubus, Brian Mills takes his biggest step into the dreamy/surreal since 2009’s Flux with Titanmen’s Head Trip. The opening scene features Jessy Ares (sporting a much more hairy, muscular and tough guy style these days) fantasizing about getting it on with an older, suited and sophisticated man – played by Allen Silver, the quintessential silver fox porn daddy.

We’ve seen Jessy show a more gentle side before, sexual and passionate but we haven’t seen him show his rough side like this. The way he tears into Allen Silver is something you’re not going to want to miss. Allen has shown us his take-charge man’s man side before, most famously in Chainsaw where he plays the Forest Ranger dad with two horny young sons and most recently as the hard-ass warden in Joe Gage’s prison sex movie “Inmates.”

In Head Trip, Allen has let his inner boy energy come out. Ecstatic and happy and taking it from Jessy with a big smile on his face.

You can see Head Trip now playing only on the Titanmen website (or join the Titanmen DVD Club and get the DVD version with a complete digital download PLUS full and unlimited access to Titanmen’s website and their entire on-line catalogue.)

Check out more action shots after the jump…

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Jesse Jackman’s IML Live Blog


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Can’t make it to IML this week? Click Here to see regular updates of the trouble, debauchery and just plain fun that Jesse and Dirk get up to in Chicago.

Read more and see pictures at Jesse’s Blog.

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In Defense of Watching Porn at Work


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I often joke about how this is the first job I’ve had where I’d get in trouble for NOT looking at porn at work, for those of you not lucky enough to be me, here’s how you get away with looking at smut on your break at work.

And by the way… new favorite tube site over at where you should be watching porn RIGHT NOW.

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Trenton Ducati gets Hot Wired


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“Don’t worry about where I’ve been,” shouts Trenton to his inquisitive lover, shoving Jordan White against the wall and kissing him deep. Trenton slurps on tan Jordan’s big meat before the cutie returns the favor. Trenton bends down to kiss the sucker, his huge hands gripping the sub’s head and neck. Jordan’s cock gets harder as he spits on Trenton’s shaft and licks his balls. Trenton eats the smoothie’s ass, warming it up for the huge dick that wiggles inside — drawing a litany of breathless expletives from the bottom. “Fuck me!” he moans as sweaty Trenton manhandles him. “You like that, boy?” asks the top. Trenton rams him from behind over the sink, then plows Jordan on his back — holding him up by the legs as the bottom grips the counter, his body in mid-air as he gets reamed. Jordan smiles into Trenton’s eyes, the two soon jacking off side by side — Jordan’s big boner grazing Trenton’s massive quad as the top releases his load and closes with a kiss.

Click Here to see it at Titanmen.

Gallery after the jump…

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Titanmen Classics: 110° In Tucson


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Click Here to watch it on the new Titanmen website.

There really is nothing better than having a job where I get to write about the movies that are responsible for the calluses on my hand. And I must have wanked off to the Dad/Son/Prowler scene MANY times.

110° In Tucson one of those movies that defined Joe Gage’s look and style. His love of rural American “Heartland” settings and a bunch of hot men of mixed ages getting dirty.

It’s got all the Hallmarks of Joe’s movies… The two young men being caught by the older night watchman and made to suck dick and get fucked, two cops in a cheap motel room for their lunch jerk off hour with the desk clerk, construction workers finding porn.

And of course the scene featuring a very young Blu Kenendy as a young man who tag teams an intruder with his father. Which is still one of those scenes that gets me going just thinking about it.

You can almost smell the crotch sweat and feel the muscles rubbing up against you. But it’s that “low-rent places with low-rent people” thing that makes all of Joe’s movies so good.

But this one resonated even more than most and became the highest-selling Titanmen DVD ever.

And while it’s still available on DVD in it’s extended version, it’s also newly remastered only on the new Titanmen website.

Like this movie? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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Man Candles. Hot, but I’m waiting for “Pit Funk,” “Crotch Sweat,” “Sweaty Jock”and “Stubble on the Crack” editions.

• In reality, there are MANY candles made with men in mind. For instance, if you’re a witch and want to really fuck with someone, apparently if you do some magic to the thing to the left, say the right words and burn it… someone’s dick falls off. I won’t tell you what the spell actually is because I’m sure there are a few guys out there who are a bit jealous that I have a Mason jar on my desk with the pubes of Francois Sagat, Dario Beck and our UPS Delivery Man. (yeah, I love brown).

• Get Stroked in the morning. “Aw, Dad.”

Oh dear.

• Apparently “Greased Lighting” wasn’t just what he called his car.

• Shiri, the mechanical butt. Using a “rigid urethane skeleton, life-size model pelvis, and a silicon Gluteus Maximus Actuator (GMA)”,  a company called Takahashi has created SHIRI — not to be confused with my iPhone personal assistant, Siri. Not that having a mechanical ass wouldn’t have some… point.

• But when it comes to mechanical asses, I’d much rather have the Francois Sagat one.

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Making the Incubus Pool Sequence


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Francois posted this rather wild clip from the making of the Underwater Wrestling sequence in Incubus 1.

His blog post gave a lot of insight, but the clip itself is so wild I wanted to post it here, too. Seeing the head cam and how they shot that scene is fun but also seeing all the attention and care that went into even the smaller details of that movie still blows me away.

You can see the whole Incubus Saga at the Titanmen Website.

Video after the jump…
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I’m willing to bet that’s a health code violation of some kind.


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Alt blog post title: I got your Hot Ass right here.

As if Titanmen Exclusive Hunter Marx wasn’t hot enough… See him lay Stany Falcone down in what looks like an industrial kitchen of some kind, straddle him and ride that dick. Hunter looks hot doing anything but he looks even hotter with that hard dick while he’s getting fucked.

This is from the Titanmen movie Reckless.

Keep watching for more…

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You Always Bzzzt The One You Love?


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The new Titan Rough scene features real-life boyfriends Dirk Caber and Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman together in this rather shocking scene that features a Violet Wand, a lot of electro play and yes, a Stun Gun appears in the second act.

You can see the whole movie at the Titanmen Website.

Jesse Jackman has been posting about this scene at lot on his own blog (including a lot of behind-the-scenes video) and posting some mega-hot cell phone clips of the couple in action in their “natural habitat” on his Mancast Channel.

Check out an extended clip after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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Yes, in the Titanmen Employee Handbook there actually is a note pointing out that internal email is not to be used to forward jokes or political articles, links to “funny” things or those annoying “uplifting, feel-good, motivational poems.”

The only one they hold us to is the last one. Which is good. I fucking hate those things. Here’s a list of some of the things that have been clogging the inter-office emails at the Titanmen Office this week…

Republican Dildos. Because we all wake up with a big tent from time to time.

Which goes along with this odd info graphic that makes the pubic support for marriage equality kinda look like a dick.

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Tour of the Titan Blogs


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If you’re going to IML, make sure to check out Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman with his real-life boyfriend Dirk Caber as they “perform” at Steamworks. More info over at his blog

Speaking of Jesse Jackman, Francois Sagat posted a very fun behind-the-scenes video of himself applying the replica tattoos on Jesse before they did their famous underwater wrestling scene in Incubus part 1.

It’s rather fascinating to see him putting so much care and work into the makeup, especially knowing that the whole point was that the movements were going to be so fast it would be hard to make out who was who.

Francois also promises a video of the making of that scene coming soon along with “hours and hours” of bonus video and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the two Incubus movies.

Visually stunning and fascinating, it’s still a hot scene and the rumors circling about how they used five camera men, enough light to create artificial daylight under the water and the return of Bruce Cam to direct the underwater action are all true.

Stay tuned to Francois’s blog and his new Mancast Channel.

Dario Beck posted a short round up of his recent trip to Los Angeles to shoot three scenes for some up-coming Titanmen movies.

If you haven’t seen Dario lately, you can see him here in Command Performance and in a mega-hot 4-way in Surveillance.

Seeing Dario all giddy about finally getting to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame or go shopping on Melrose and Rodeo Drive was fun but we’re all looking forward to seeing his new scenes coming out.

The only scene partner that he named so far was Adam Russo who we’ve seen before in movies like Mojave Run and Hard and Fast.

Keep watching Dario’s blog for more news and pictures. You also might get a chance to see him burst into song again, too.

Finally, Jessy Ares shows us that he’s not just a singer and performer and hot man, he’s also a very good friend who not only strips on stage, he also helped strip the wallpaper off a friend’s wall. Now that’s friendship.

oh, and he gave a sneak peek at the new Titanmen movie Reckless.

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Brad Kalvo and Jessie Colter get Loud & Nasty


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This scene gets very loud and very nasty. Brad Kalvo the hairy daddy flogging and fucking Jessie Colter in this new Titan Rough scene. And that piss play bit is amazing.

Click Here to watch a clip.

More pics after the jump…

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The Men of Reckless


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That picture is too amazing. Hunter Marx leads a cast of New and exclusive Titanmen in Reckless.

You’re working. You know it’s wrong. But you can’t resist the tight and muscular temptation in front of you, the ache throbbing harder as your conscience breaks down. Go ahead and get Reckless with TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares and Hunter Marx, who get distracted on the job and bring their cocky co-workers down with them.

Sneaking a peek at a pissing Hunter Marx, toned Stany Falcone initiates a blistering blue collar encounter in a deep flip fuck to remember.

Boss Jessy Ares gets distracted by tall and hairy contractor Ford Andrews, who offers up his hungry holes for the top’s thick pistol.

Muscle grunt Brad Kalvo pays deliveryman Devin Adams with cock instead of cash, getting the smooth stud to moan as he plows the rock-hard bottom.

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Tour of the Titan Blogs (with Francois Sagat, Jesse Ares and Jesse Jackman)


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Francois Sagat showed his warped sense of humor when he came up with a bunch of tasteless and hilarious puns about his asshole and the new Francois Sagat molded butt toy.

Even funnier was how he admitted that he had to get help translating one of them into English.

Although I do try to maintain at least a bit of a professional distance from the guys and I do love think of them as friends, all I can think of when I look at that is “that is the most inviting hole I’ve ever seen in my whole life and I honestly want to dive into that Mofo face first and not ever come back up.

Click Here to read about it on his blog.

Real-life boyfriends and Real-Live Porn Stars Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber posted these dual fucking clips on their blogs yesterday. And there really aren’t many words you can use to describe them other than “I need a cum rag.”

On Jesse’s blog, it’s a video of Jesse fucking Dirk.

And then on Dirk’s blog, it’s a video of Dirk fucking him back.

If you don’t read Jesse Jackman’s blog, I could do a whole regular blog post about his blog posts. They’ve included pictures of he and his friends on vacation… and by “vacation,” I mean, a whole bunch of hot studs renting a house and fucking.

He’s also included some fascinating behind-the-scnes looks at making porn movies like getting his “Francois Sagat Body Double” makeup done by Francois Sagat,  some really great video shot on set and even some “casual nudity” of him shopping for rubber and leather and then changing naked in front of everyone while talking about something totally different.

When you can make videos of yourself shopping that are this much fun… you deserve a mention.

Finally.. the new edition of the Jesse Ares blog made a splash with a bunch of video clips. Jessy Ares is curently touring around Europe performing songs from his album and signing copies of the porn movie that helps launch it, Command Performance.

See Jessy in two recent Titanmen hits Command Performance and Incubus.

And you can see more video clips on his blog.

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