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Always fun to get two of our favorite Titanmen together. Last week while Joe Gage was at the Titanmen studio shooting six up-coming scenes, fans were excited to see that he’s assembled an all-star cast including Hunter Marx, David Anthony, Race Cooper, Kyle Quinn and the “3 Jesseyeies” – Jesse Jackman, Jessy Ares and Jessie Coulter.

Seeing who was paired up with whom, people started trying to piece together who had already been teamed up. They remembered Jesse Jackman and Hunter in Surveillance and Jessy Ares and Hunter in Incubus but that was all anyone could remember.

(one fan also pointed out that although David, Jesse and Jessy were all in Incubus, none of them were in the same scenes)

Still hoping that David Anthony gets to plant that pole atop Mount Jackman but we’re looking forward to seeing Hunter white-knuckle it along with Jessie Coulter.

And for a warm up… here’s Jessie Coulter and Race Cooper together in Hot Wired that came out this week…

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Last modified: Apr 22, 2012

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  1. Gaz says:

    I love how vocal Jessie is, love when guys a vocal when getting fucked – if you can’t feel it, it’s time to give up ­čÖé

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