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A semi-regular, semi-irregular and occasionally work-safe list of the inter-office emails from the Titan office. Although if you’re worried about “work safe,” WTF are you doing on the Titanmen blog?

Joe Gage posts a bunch of pictures from his recent series of shoots with Titanmen. Jokes about how Hunter Marx now makes his first appearance in TWO Gage movies by aiming a gun at someone he’s about to have sex with.

Saying “Fuck” is not only fun… it’s apparently  good for you.

Texting on the Dance Floor.

Gerard Butler FINALLY joins Manhunt!!  I’m so stoked about this… I’ve wanted him since I first saw 300 and that he’s finally a member of Manhunt I have a chance to… oh… wait… Manhunt is a movie that has nothing to do with gay hookup sites or songs from Flashdance. Balls.

Instructional videos that nobody could possibly find useful. I actually remember the TV commercial for the James Cockburn one. huh… I said “cock burn.”

Some guy gets his balls tattooed. If you happen to know the Vimeo channel this was originally posted on… please let me know.

The Gay Comic Geek reviews Demonic Sex.

Last modified: Apr 19, 2012

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