Hunter Marx: The Gift That Keeps On Sucking.


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The internet is abuzz with leaked images and a bunch of Tweets from the recent series of Joe Gage shoots here at Titan.

Queer Me Now posted a few cell phone snaps from his very rare (almost unheard of) tour of the studio just after Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper and David Anthony did a scene together. Jasun Mark posted a few stories from the set to his blog, followed by David Anthony who wrote a short bit about his scene with Hunter Marx and Jessie Coulter plus the concept of “Fluffers.”

Jesse Jackman got in on the fun and posted a single still but promised more on the way.

Even Joe Gage has a whole series posts from the set, showing everything from stills of the action, the sets of some of the scenes and even a rather confusing shot that had the “props” used in a scene: A hand gun and a picture of someone’s ass in a jockstrap.

And tweets from Adam Russo, Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn told of horsing around on the set and all the fun they were having. I can’t wait to see these scenes they shot… But the photo above shows David Anthony in a candid moment of having his dick sucked by Hunter Marx. More on the way but more pictures right now after the jump from the David/Hunter action…

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