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Trenton Ducati and Brad Kalvo are Hot Wired


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Trenton Ducati looks SO hot with a dick in his asshole. That look of pleasure and pain. His muscles tensing while the dick slides in. That big smile on his face the whole time. Rocks.

And Brad Kalvo with his big, hairy and muscular daddy vibe. Seems to really love plowing a ripped stud’s hole just like Trenton’s. A great match up in a great movie…

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More pictures after the jump….
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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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You can’t watch the whole internet at the same time. I know this because I tried and suffered an internal…. thing. Forget the name for it but I grew a third eye and scared people. This is a collection of the best inter-office email jokes, pictures and time-wasting stuff that clogs the inboxes at the Titanmen office…

Make It With a Fireman. Ok the shirtless bit is totally needless but… I have no problem with needless nudity.

After years of being shocking, fascinating and hard to look away from, ChiChi LaRue upsets the tender sensitivities of the Queerty readers by using the “F” word.

President of the United States takes a page from Canadian Politicians (who routinely show up on Canadian news comedy shows to play themselves) and shows up on Jimmy Kimmel to “Slow Jam the News.” Next Week, Mitt Romney plans to show up on Leno and wheel out the Wurlitzer.

Another beautiful television commercial for marriage equality. Again, it’s done for a foreign country. Again, it’s about a million times better than the lame-ass anti-Prop8 commercials run in California during the 2008 election.

Michael Lucas writes a touching piece about friend and former porn star Roman Ragazzi. I have to agree seeing the same 5 people posting the same nasty comments about gay porn stars on 20 different blogs and news sites gets to be a bit much. Since getting my first job in porn working here at Titan, I’ve learned that just about all the pre-conceived notions about porn performers are wrong. Most of the guys I’ve met are smart and funny and see porn as a fun hobby or a means to an end. Let’s try to treat the men who’ve entertained us with a bit of respect and love. Or at least cheer them on in their lives.

While countless bloggers and columnists for New York Times and Huffington Post lose their shit and scold young gay men about how Judy Garland has lost her “gay icon” status among gay men, over on his blog Gay Daily Hot, Jasun Mark managed to put some cultural history and perspective on why Judy Garland was a “gay icon,” why she remained considered one for so long and why she no longer is by many men born since 1969.


Conan O’Brien gets away with a this vaguely cringe-worhty gay porn parody of Batman. Not just because we all jerked off to Batman when we were younger and last month when it was on Cinemax but also because his history of gay jokes has been pretty positive. Had Leno released this same clip, there would be another “My gayest look for Leno” campaign.

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A Tour of the Titanmen Blogs


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In case you’d missed what the other Titanmen and guys from the Titanmen family have posted, here’s a rundown of what’s going on in the Titan Blogverse.

Francois Sagat posted these beautiful pictures from the set of Incubus 2.

Jesse Jackman wrote a pretty cool post about his dick. Now, we all talk about our dicks and I’m sure that if we all had the venue, we’d all be blogging about our dicks all the time. But Jesse’s dick is famous for its nearly-90° bend.

In case you haven’t been reading Jesse’s Blog, he’s got some great stuff there. Lots of live blogging from the set of Titan movies, vacation pictures of him and his boyfriend Dirk Caber and lots of hot pictures and video.

David Anthony posts video of himself working out

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Titanmen Classics: Carny


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Even if you think you’ve seen Carny, you may not have.

Not in it’s full version, anyway. Because of all the Piss Play and Sex Toy scenes, it was deemed too “obscene” (whatever that means) for most retail stores and the only way to get your hands on a copy of the un-edited movie was to look for the “Extended Director’s Cut” that had the scenes edited back in.

Starring Dred Scott, one of the most Iconic gay porn stars in history, Carny also included some “lighting in a jar” scenes with Danny Vox, Kalaban, Hank REal and the one and only Bud Hole.

Just as Fallen Angel IV: SeaMen took the TitanMen leather series on a whole new tack, Carny boldly takes the edginess to a new level. Directed by TitanMen masters Brian Mills and Harold Creg, Titanmen broke it open with the first in Titan’s “Circus” movies (that also include Funhouse and Cirque Noir) and showed a dark, seedy and dangerous world of Circus Carnys.

The interviews, photo shoots, behind-the-scene glimpses and cum shot review included on the 1¼-hour Bonus Disc goes far beyond what any other studio is offering. Show this one on a big screen and play it loud. Lurid is hardly the word… it was foul and shocking even then. But in the 10 years since Carny was made, it’s legend grew and it’s now one of the most sought-after movies Titan ever made.

You can still get your hands on the “full” version of the movie at the Titanmen DVD store but a newly-remastered version is also available on the Titanemen Website, streaming On Demand along with the entire Online Catalogue.

More pics after the jump…

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Jessie Colter is Hot Wired…


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Always fun to get two of our favorite Titanmen together. Last week while Joe Gage was at the Titanmen studio shooting six up-coming scenes, fans were excited to see that he’s assembled an all-star cast including Hunter Marx, David Anthony, Race Cooper, Kyle Quinn and the “3 Jesseyeies” – Jesse Jackman, Jessy Ares and Jessie Coulter.

Seeing who was paired up with whom, people started trying to piece together who had already been teamed up. They remembered Jesse Jackman and Hunter in Surveillance and Jessy Ares and Hunter in Incubus but that was all anyone could remember.

(one fan also pointed out that although David, Jesse and Jessy were all in Incubus, none of them were in the same scenes)

Still hoping that David Anthony gets to plant that pole atop Mount Jackman but we’re looking forward to seeing Hunter white-knuckle it along with Jessie Coulter.

And for a warm up… here’s Jessie Coulter and Race Cooper together in Hot Wired that came out this week…

Click Here to see the video preview.

Join the Titanmen DVD Club here and get it now along with full access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue.

Full gallery after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular, semi-irregular and occasionally work-safe list of the inter-office emails from the Titan office. Although if you’re worried about “work safe,” WTF are you doing on the Titanmen blog?

Joe Gage posts a bunch of pictures from his recent series of shoots with Titanmen. Jokes about how Hunter Marx now makes his first appearance in TWO Gage movies by aiming a gun at someone he’s about to have sex with.

Saying “Fuck” is not only fun… it’s apparently  good for you.

Texting on the Dance Floor.

Gerard Butler FINALLY joins Manhunt!!  I’m so stoked about this… I’ve wanted him since I first saw 300 and that he’s finally a member of Manhunt I have a chance to… oh… wait… Manhunt is a movie that has nothing to do with gay hookup sites or songs from Flashdance. Balls.

Instructional videos that nobody could possibly find useful. I actually remember the TV commercial for the James Cockburn one. huh… I said “cock burn.”

Some guy gets his balls tattooed. If you happen to know the Vimeo channel this was originally posted on… please let me know.

The Gay Comic Geek reviews Demonic Sex.

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The Men of Hot Wired…


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The new Titanmen movie “Hot Wired” is out…

A pulsating charge courses through their buff bodies, an erotic energy they can’t ignore. They’re Hot Wired from head to toe, and things are about to explode. Get electric with TitanMen exclusive Trenton Ducati, who leads a handful of blue collar contractors as they enjoy some on-the-job training in hot male mechanics.

In need of a break from work, Race Cooper offers his hard tool to boss Jessie Colter—who is happy to take orders and offer his services as the tables are turned.

With his massive frame towering over beefy Brad Kalvo, smooth and tattooed Trenton Ducati face fucks his hairy bud before bending over and taking it like a man.

Smooth and tan Jordan White is eager to please Trenton Ducati, who shuts his bud’s inquisitive mouth before bending him over—and then holding him up—for a moan-filled fuck.

More pictures after the jump…

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Hunter Marx: The Gift That Keeps On Sucking.


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The internet is abuzz with leaked images and a bunch of Tweets from the recent series of Joe Gage shoots here at Titan.

Queer Me Now posted a few cell phone snaps from his very rare (almost unheard of) tour of the studio just after Kyle Quinn, Race Cooper and David Anthony did a scene together. Jasun Mark posted a few stories from the set to his blog, followed by David Anthony who wrote a short bit about his scene with Hunter Marx and Jessie Coulter plus the concept of “Fluffers.”

Jesse Jackman got in on the fun and posted a single still but promised more on the way.

Even Joe Gage has a whole series posts from the set, showing everything from stills of the action, the sets of some of the scenes and even a rather confusing shot that had the “props” used in a scene: A hand gun and a picture of someone’s ass in a jockstrap.

And tweets from Adam Russo, Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn told of horsing around on the set and all the fun they were having. I can’t wait to see these scenes they shot… But the photo above shows David Anthony in a candid moment of having his dick sucked by Hunter Marx. More on the way but more pictures right now after the jump from the David/Hunter action…

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Get Hardwired…


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Coming soon to Titanmen.

Join the Titanmen DVD Club and get it on DVD with a full-length digital copy for mobile devices plus get full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online catalogue free with your DVD Club membership

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Live from the set…


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No scene names just yet but if you follow our Twitter feeds, you know that Joe Gage has returned to Titan to work on one of his movies or… maybe it’s more, we’re not sure. Details of the shoot have been hard to come by but the guys from QueerMeNow dropped by the set and posted some pictures of David Anthony, Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn. David Anthony also showed up in another picture that ended up on Twitte looking like he’s getting fluffed by Hunter Marx. The extra foot belongs to Jessie Coulter.

And finally, Jessy Ares is… wearing Lederhosen.  We’re not sure if that’s from a scene or just… Well, Jessy is German so… when it Berlin…

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Incubus: The End Is The Beginning Is The End…


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After watching both Incubus movies back to back and trying to decipher just what Francois was trying to say, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he was making a statement about how his career and life have intertwined to the point that being Francois Sagat is something only he will ever totally be able to understand. One of the most polarizing gay porn stars in history, Francois is one of those perfumers that everyone talks about, everyone has an opinion and nobody can get enough of.

The final scene pits Francois against himself in a wrestling match that has been shot and edited so well that you’ll swear you were watching two Francois Sagats on camera at once. The secret is out that his body double in this scene was Casey Williams, but the but-screening and CGI that is mixed seamlessly with real-life shots and hardcore sex scenes has you guessing the whole time.

The final hint of the meaning of Francois’s epic comes in the final seconds of the movie as Francois “wins” against himself… only to wake up in the desert like he did in the opening sequence of the first movie. Which would seem to mirror Francois’s career itself… he battles with the private and public lives he needs to live simultaneously, he makes his peace with it and then finds himself back at the beginning once again.

None of this detracts from the fact that this really was the best gay open movie last year (ignore any silly award shows that ignored it altogether) and that the star himself has delivered one of the most amazing visual events of the genre…ever.

You can watch Incubus 2 on the new Titanmen website, streaming in beautiful HD along with the entire Titanmen online catalogue.

You can also get it on DVD with a full-length digital copy of the film. Enjoy… I sure did.

More pictures after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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Dwarf Tossing will remain illegal in Florida. Even more baffling is that it’s legal anywhere else.

A bunch of grown-up 80s child stars are CCOCKS. What makes this rock even harder is that Susan Olsen AKA Cindy Brady wants to do a 70s version called CCUNT (Child Celebrities Understanding Need (for) Tolerance).

Damn Right it’s better than yours. George Takei still manages to keep us laughing at 74. He’s also turned into everyone’s favorite senior funny daddy that everyone wishes was their gay uncle George. Can you imagine how much more fun family gatherings would be with two drinks and Uncle George next to you telling it like it is?

5 seemingly random factors that control your memory. I can’t remember how I found this article.

My new favorite GoTo site when I need a laugh. Poorly Dressed is… wow.

The short answer is “no.” The long answer is “FUCK no.”

11 Sex Toys seemingly meant to ruin sex forever.

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Titanmen Classics: Brian Mills’ “FLUX.”


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As the Titanmen Studio goes through the renovations that have had us all showing up in jeans and work boots and wearing leather gloves to help move things around, we’ve found all sorts of artifacts and pieces of porn history. While some people might find going through old props and moving around boxes filled with back drops and tarps to be dull, I kept recognizing things. The signs from walls that show up in different movies, gauze that creates that pattern of light in the Titan Rough movies, the pipes from every sewer scene. Jasun walked out with the cab topper from Joe Gage’s Campus Pizza movie and I snagged a set of rubber horns from Incubus.

One thing that we had a LOT of was boxes and boxes of rolls and rolls of plastic sheeting. The kind you use to insulate windows or   stop the dust in a construction site. Brian Mills told me that he uses it in just about every movie he’s made. It defuses the light and allows a warm glow to fall over the performers, he said. But it also helps create shadow and lighting effects.

He told me that his favorite movie that he’d ever done was Flux, that he called his movie “all about plastic wrap.” It’s always interesting to hear what a director was thinking when he made the movies you’ve watched. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the plastic wrap although my favorite scene is the one with Drake Jayden and Tyler Saint.

Drake is the tattooed, small and ripped, younger and edgy punk. Tyler the manly, masculine and handsome businessman in a suit, getting a personal performance from Drake. It stunning.

But the whole movie, I realized, has a very calm and simple feeling because of the defused primary colors that wash over everyone and how it makes the sex seem so primal and instinctive.

Now that it’s been remastered and re-released on the new Titanmen website, you can get a look at it all close up and personal.

Watch a clip from it here.

More pictures after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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Yankees already leading the league in newly discovered homoerotic photos.

We all need a cum rag but wouldn’t you like a nice Dick Towel to go along with it?

Francois Sagat tells the story of his new single Hades. Yes. Francois is not only a porn director and star, artist, dancer, fashion designer and baffling cultural phenomenon, he’s now also a musician.

Many of us would love to get Jesse Jackman’s pole. And this week he polls his blog readers about who should get his “pole.”


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The ManPlay DVD Clearance Sale


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This is a pretty big deal… As Titanmen has moved virtually all of our 17 years of gay porn magic onto the new Titanmen HD Video Website, we’re slowly removing older DVD titles from circulation. Next up is the entire Manplay Catalogue. Which is quite the goldmine.

So some classic scenes with men like Logan Steele, Nate Pierce, Andy Dill, Trent Atkins, Colton Ford, Chuck Scott, Tober Brandt, Nick Piston, Michael Brandon and a very young Blu Kennedy are all getting sold at a crotch-tenting $4.95 per title (and that includes the double packs!)

I know it’s sometimes hard to try to pick the best ones (although at this price you can get every single one of them for a bit over a hundred bucks). So I’ll recommend “White Trash,” “Prowl 3 & 4,” “Studs n Pups,” “Truck Stop on I-95 & Road Trip,” “Manplay 21” and “Hardwork: Manplay 22”

(And this is in edition to some of the Titan Fresh movies that were already on the $4.95 sale, the two I recommend the most being “Fever” and “Reserve Duty.”)

Go forth and wank off…

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