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I know more than a few people who deserve this treatment. But I’m too nice to say whom.

J Crew model’s dick escapes from prison. I wonder what the story is about this. Was that just a joke by the Photoshop artist that didn’t get deleted? Was it a disgruntled employee Hell-bent on digital revenge? Was it maybe that the pants were just Photoshopped onto a bare body because no real body was available at said modeling agency?

Is it a Condom or is it an Android phone?

Yeah. I’m going to get into a pool with THOSE things.

Totally gross sodas. Still no “Lindsay Lohan” flavor. I’m sure it’s in the works.

This is fascinating. A human skull shape carved into old text books.

Home Porn Makers… the best iPhone apps for better photos and video. Not only will your Grindr pictures look better, you’ll be able to make images that beef up your online profiles, even shoot some pictures that look good on your wall. Gone are the days of bad Polaroids.

Archie isn’t the only comic book to have a gay character get married. Now the X-men have their own Mutant who loves the cock. And in this case, the man attached to it.

Last modified: Mar 31, 2012

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