Making A Scene: Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano


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Just a peek at how much work and care goes into making a scene at Titanmen. From the large group of crew and the racks of gear, lights, cameras and even a floaty device to create waves reflected onto the men, Francois got a trial by fire as he learned how to direct and how to bring the ideas in his head to video.

We don’t always put cum shots into the BTS videos but this time it makes sense and besides… why not?

You’ll also see a blink-and-you’ll-misss-it cameo by Jesse Jackman who quietly sat off set and watched the process in the shadows.

I love seeing how porn is made and seeing the casual way that the stars interact with the crowd of people around them while they create the end result. It’s also fun to hear how the directors and cameramen are talking to the performers while they’re fucking. This only makes the whole thing hotter for me.

You can see the whole movie Incubus here on the new Titanmen Website that also gives you unlimited access to the entire online Titanmen catalogue (which contains nearly every movie Titan has released in their 17 years of producing movies) streaming in stunning HD to your computer or mobile devices.


Last modified: Oct 30, 2013

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