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A semi-regular list of the silly group emails circulating at the Titanmen office…

Britain’s Sheffield Hallam University Rugby Players making their “Jock” calendar. Words fail me.

While it’s not been a secret that there are gay pro athletes, this PSA done by the members of the NHL who could kick the asses of any NFL player is not only sweet, it’s touching and a bit motivational. Someone get me a puck.

The absence of the floral necklace and presence of all the facial hair makes this just a bit more “manly” but no less emotionally exciting than the already-famous “marine kissing his boyfriend” picture. And maybe a touch more hot with the visible lip lock.

The 7 Dumbest things about the world’s smartest Toilet. I’ve seen this one before and I maybe posted it before but I still laugh so loud I get a phone call from the studio downstairs every time I watch this. and I watch it with headphones so that REALLY scares the shit out of people in the office since they think I’m just… laughing randomly.

We’ve all wanted to see the Royal Jewels, right?

French Kissing Soccer Players. I mean… Kissing French Soccer Players. Oh who cares, it was hot.

Unusual Phobias that people actually have.

Last modified: Mar 6, 2012

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