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Join The Titanmen DVD Club (with Free VOD Access)


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If you’re like a lot of long-time Titanmen fans, you’re not willing to give up those fantastic DVD copies just yet. Watching your library grow and morph into the collection you’ve got is great. Now that all DVDs come with a full-length digital copy of the movie, even the new fans have been taking advantage of that to get copies of their collections.

But the opposite side of the physical copy is Titanmen’s new Video On Demand website that gives members full and unlimited access to the massive Titanmen online catalogue. With movies spanning back 17 years, that’s a pretty large chunk of gay porn.

And if you’re a new fan that’s discovered a love for the old classics like Gorge or Arcade on Route 9 or the Fallen Angel series, having a membership to the old movies is golden. I must have jerked off to 110° in Tucson more times than I can count.

But NOW… you can join the Titanmen DVD Club for $29.95 and not only be first to get the new Titanmen movies (with the digital copy) at the guaranteed lowest price, you also get full and unlimited access to the entire online catalogue. Titanmen movies usually sell for about $59 in stores… so you’ll get them before the stores have them, at a lower price and with full access to the rest of Titan movies on the website thrown in for free.

That’s about the best deal you’ll get.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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I know more than a few people who deserve this treatment. But I’m too nice to say whom.

J Crew model’s dick escapes from prison. I wonder what the story is about this. Was that just a joke by the Photoshop artist that didn’t get deleted? Was it a disgruntled employee Hell-bent on digital revenge? Was it maybe that the pants were just Photoshopped onto a bare body because no real body was available at said modeling agency?

Is it a Condom or is it an Android phone?

Yeah. I’m going to get into a pool with THOSE things.

Totally gross sodas. Still no “Lindsay Lohan” flavor. I’m sure it’s in the works.

This is fascinating. A human skull shape carved into old text books.

Home Porn Makers… the best iPhone apps for better photos and video. Not only will your Grindr pictures look better, you’ll be able to make images that beef up your online profiles, even shoot some pictures that look good on your wall. Gone are the days of bad Polaroids.

Archie isn’t the only comic book to have a gay character get married. Now the X-men have their own Mutant who loves the cock. And in this case, the man attached to it.

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The First Look… Incubus 2: The Final Chapter


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Today is the LAST DAY for the Titanmen 60% off Sale… more about that at the end of this post…

It’s finally here.

Such amazing men all in one movie. And I think I finally “get” it. This is Francois Sagat’s statement on Francois Sagat. Which probably sounds as confusing as watching the entire movie. But FUCK is it worth it.

Francois Sagat directs the second (and he says final) installment of Incubus, this time seemingly giving his word on what being a porn star does to a person. At times Francois is in the middle of a huge party, surrounded by lights and action and sound and people, the next moment he’s naked and alone, lost in an empty dessert alone. At times he quietly watches a private romantic tryst at night by a pool, other times, he’s bound in ropes, put on display and taunted by his own image. Suspended up in the air one minute after being pulled under water and drowned, Francois is both the victim and the assailant.

But none of the narrative ever gets in the way of the hardcore action and the sex scenes are incredible. Multiple cum shots, the muscles and hair and sweat and piss flying… don’t think this isn’t one of the best porn movies ever made.

And that was just part one.

Part 2 opens with Francois modeling for still pictures. The scene is beautiful until he gently whispers “I want to kill you” into the ear of Junior Stellano. Francois looks like the man we’ve all jerked off over a thousand times but looking into the mirror, he sees himself become a monster. Seeing that the professional photo shoot has become a photographer having sex with his models, it will finally dawn on you just where Francois has been going with this series and just what he’s been saying…

The polished camera work and editing in this opening sequence is jaw-dropping and TP Deaux, the guy who put it all together and wrote the score, has actually managed to put on screen what most of us have long-assumed was going on inside Francois’s head.

A trip through the disjoined mind of Francois brings us to a sun-drenched location, this time Jesse Jackman (who’s been blogging a lot about this scene and posting some really great video from the production), in a lavish, expensive poolside location. A big man, surrounded by grapes and wine, the scene conjures up images of gluttony, excess and alcoholic abandon. Excessive everything. Christopher Daniels seems to magically appear out of the pool (a few BTS clips explains that the simple shot of him walking out of the pool took a lot of planing and practice, you’ll understand when you see it). Francois takes the voyeur role again, this time watching from the bushes as the men drink, eat and piss all over each other and fuck.

While the two men are in full-on fucking mode, the sky opens up and it begins to rain and thunder and downpour. This was just dumb luck, it gives the scene an energy you’d expect to see in something like The Immortals or Clash of the Titans, but Brian Mills and Jesse have both told the story of how the thunder and lightning storm was totally real and not expected. Francois said it was the gods on top of the mountain giving their approval of the action. It’s hard to disagree with him, Jesse Jackman is one of the most stunning men you can imagine. Huge and solid muscle with a dick that defies description. He gets fucked into submission by Christopher Daniels.

But the final scene is where Francois earns the Oscar and seems to give his final word. In one of the most convincing CGI/Blue Screen/Body Double scenes I’ve seen, Francois wrestles with himself, both tops and bottoms for himself and finally wins the battle against himself that he’s been fighting since the opening scene.

I won’t give away the final moments but Francois wraps his statement on the adult industry and his notoriously conflicted relationship with his own fame together with amazing men, amazing imagery and a team that brought this idea to life. But it’s just the kind of thing you’d expect from Francois.

Incubus is out on DVD (you can join the Titanmen DVD club and get not only their new movies released every month but also a membership to the Video on Demand site and have full access to every movie in the huge Titanmen Online Catalogue).

Today is the last day for the Titanmen 60% off sale… get 180 days for $69 or a full 365 for $120. And that’s a lot of masturbation. Plus, and I guess I won’t be giving anything away, you’re not going to want to miss the movies that Titan has coming out this year…

Don’t miss the big gallery of stills after the jump…

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A Titan Mixer event.


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We should do one of these every year.



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Shay Michaels and Hunter Marx throw down in the mud pit


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This was one of those scenes that while we were upstairs working in the Titanmen office, we kept talking about what was going on down stairs in the studio. Paul Wilde asked Hunter Marx what his biggest fetish was when he was coming out to shoot a scene for the Titan Rough series.

Hunter told him about his home mud pit. Yeah, I had the same reaction that most of you probably did. I didn’t realize that a “home mud pit” was a thing you could “have.” Learn something new every day. I posted a video with Hunter talking about that here.

Anyway… the resulting scene is on the latest Titan Rough DVD and it’s brought a lot of “mud men” to Titan for the first time. Again, I wasn’t totally aware that there were enough gay men who were fans of mud wrestling as a fetish to actually have a name for themselves, but ever since Jasun tweeted out a few pictures from the set, the Mud Men have been asking when they’d be able to see the whole scene.

And more than a few of them have written back to tell us that what they loved the best about the scene, after the mud itself, was that you can tell just how much the guys are really into mudding up. I’m not sure if “mudding up” is a term used by the Mud Men when they have their Mud Man weekends (I’m not making this up, I swear), I hope I’ve coined a new phrase.

And I also hope that I get invited to a Mud Man weekend one time because… I’m kinda getting off on this scene too. Again… many unexpected things happen at Titan, one of which is that I seem to discover another fetish I didn’t know I had every month or so.

Watch the whole scene here.

Check out the action gallery after the jump…

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Inspiration for a the new Spencer Reed/Carsten Andersson scene


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And the scene ended up just a bit different

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Tristan Jaxx and Devin Adams are Hard Up


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Tristan Jaxx has one of the most beautiful dicks in porn. It’s big and thick and uncut and shaped perfectly. Beautiful in every way. And Devin Adams can’t seem to get enough. Having seen this one shot I can tell you that the guys were into each other from the start and just couldn’t get enough of each other. Tristan barking things like “Choke on that” at Devin and Devin shouting “Make Me Blow” back at him.

This is scene 3 from the newest Titanmen movie “Hard Up” that’s also featured scenes with Spencer Reed with Carsten Andersson (clip here) and Johnny Hazzard and Christopher Daniels (clip here).

Click Here to watch it at Titanmen.

Check out the still gallery after the jump…

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Editing Incubus 2 with Jesse Jackman


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Incubus 2: The Final Chapter will be taking up the story where part 1 ended… with Francois waking up to see he’s been manipulated by his evil side into murdering Hunter Marx in a sex club.

Above you’ll see Jesse Jackman getting a look at the final editing and polishing job done to the video and all the effects and tricks added. You’ll see just how much care and work went into this movie.

And Jesse looks SO handsome in his button down shirt and glasses.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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Can you imagine how much of a loser you’d have to be to use one of these?

Don’t worry if you missed snatching up your copy of the “Gay Interracial Marriage Issue” of Archie Comics. You can download the iPad app here, then buy the issue in digital form to keep forever and ever.While we’re on the subject of iPads, the new Titanmen website works amazingly well on an iPad, streaming in crystal-clear HD, allowing you unlimited access to Titanmen’s complete online catalogue that’s growing every day. AND if you also have an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to stream the movies to your HDTV. It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD collection that also fits in your cell phone just in case you get horny at work and want to watch Hunter Marx get (finally) his ass fucked by Spencer Reed.

You can also use that new iPad to read about Francois Sagat and Jesse Jackman in the new issue of the iPad-only magazine “Adult” which, on top of being one of the new wave of “Interactive Magazines” with scrolling photo galleries and video clips, is also 100% free.

Ive said before that all firemen are hot. But apparently they’re occasionally fabulous. Although many of us bristle at straight men who do drag as a way of getting cheap laughs, you do have to kinda laugh a bit at the way fireman #1 hikes up the dress to run and how the other one shows some serious bicep as he um… Aims that spray

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Titanmen 60% Off FINAL DAYS…. & Spencer Reed and Carsten Andersson


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The sale is almost over… don’t wait any longer.

For just another couple days you can get Titanmen at 60% off if you buy 180 days for $69. You get unlimited access to Titanmen’s huge online catalogue plus movies from top gay porn directors like Michael Lucas and Joe Gage.

Including this mega-hot scene with the massive and muscular Spencer Reed topping his (rumored) boyfriend Carsten Andersson, a Nordic blond man with a hot hole and a beautiful uncut dick. Spencer tears into Carsten with all the energy we’ve come to expect from him and Carsten just white-knuckles in and enjoys the ride.

Shot with only the quality you get with Titanmen, streaming in stunning HD right to your computer and mobile devices. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can stream from Titanmen’s website and use airplay to watch on your Apple TV. It’s like having a massive Titanmen DVD library.

Watch the movie and get the 60% off deal here.

Check out the still gallery after the jump…

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Our Crabby… er… GRABBY Award nominations are… in… we think.


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Although I usually pride myself in not being “that” guy… the Tallulah Bankhead-like, bitchy and oh-so-over-everything porn blogger who can’t say anything nice about anyone and often makes up nasty things to say for kicks… I figure I might as well give myself just a moment to stare wonderingly at the Grabby Award Nominations announcement page that, aside from looking like it was designed in 1997 by someone with a dog-eared copy of “Basic HTML for Dummies,” lists pages and pages of nominees.


After closely looking at it while taking breaks to uncross my eyes and regain my balance, I think Titanmen has scored a bunch of nominations. And possibly two more, but we’re not sure. And we might have been snubbed… but again, we’re not sure. The “Best Porn Star Site” seems to be a list of pay sites that star a single guy, although Shane Frost was nominated for his blog and to further baffle porn fans, Race Cooper, Dean Monroe and Diesel Washington were all nominated for sites that don’t exist. So you have to wonder why Francois Sagat’s site that’s filled with hours of original video and content wasn’t listed before sites that…well, aren’t sites. (it should be noted that Race Cooper is probably actually nominated for his site Edger9, although that’s not actually a Porn Star Site)

We’re also a bit unsure of eligibility dates… Some of our nominations are for movies that were released in January of this year. And my buddy Morgan Black is one hot stud for sure, but his nomination for “Best Newcomer” award is a bit dubious considering he first appeared in 2010… in a scene with Cavin Knight… who is also nominated for “Best Newcomer.”

But we’re still glad, I should point out, that aside from a few head-scratching moments in reading the list that we’ve had 15 nominations and that doesn’t include mentions for some of our regular (but not exclusive) Titanmen performers who were tapped for “Best Newcomer” or “Best Manly Man” (and you gotta wonder why “Best Fembot” wasn’t a category, although it does conjure up some disturbing mental images of some porn twinks clawing each other’s eyes out back stage for the diamond tiara).

Anyway… here’s the list.




Dario Black  (they mean Dario Beck, I’m assuming)

Trenton Ducati

Hunter Marx

Manly Man

Hunter Max  (Hunter Marx, I think)


Aymeric Deville & Wilfried Knight – Full Fetish

Hunter Marx & Jesse Jackman – Surveillance


Brian Mills – Speechless


Hunter Marx, Jayden Grey & Jessie Colter – Speechless


Hunter Marx & Jesse Jackman – Surveillance

Best Group

Spencer Reed, Dario Beck, Christopher Daniels  & Trenton Ducati – Surveillance

Best Art Direction

Full Fetish

Best Box Cover



Best All Sex


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The Titanmen Sale Continues… and Dad takes a Fisting Trip!


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I hope you enjoyed the headline, Paul Wilde is going to hogtie me in the basement, flog me with USB cables and leave me for dead as punishment.

A while back you may remember that I posted this clip of Tibor Wolf getting a MASSIVE pig snout-shaped butt plug into his hole.

Well in another scene from Paul Wilde’s movie Fight, Fuck, Fist Tibor gets down and dirty with another OxBalls creation (this time the Nut Butt Plug that’s shaped like a pair of upside-down esticles) and his fisting top was none other than Allen Silver, star of such Titanmen classics as Barn Storm, Chainsaw and Inmates (plus being the star of our friend Joe Gage’s “Dad” series).

Tibor is hot… his accent makes him irresistible and he’s a master of opening wide and saying “oink.” It’s why we love him so much.

Fight, Fuck, Fist also features the “Bully” scene with Spencer Reed and Draven Torres and the highly-anticipated “Mud WrestlingPit” scene with Hunter Marx and Shay Michaels.

You can watch the whole movie only at the new Titanmen website.

AND.. right now you can get Titanmen for the super-special price of 180 days of unlimited access to our whole online catalogue for only $69.

Check out the whole gallery after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular rundown of the inter-office emails, text message and WhatTheFuckedness from the Titanmen office, studio and friends.

Yes, it’s a “candy unicorn horn.”  We’ll go with that. But I’m willing to bet that guy has a SWEET asshole.

Cracked Magazine slam-dunks the “Million Moms” all the while praising the gay marriage story arc in Archie Comics. Yes. I said “Cracked Magazine, Gay Marriage and Archie Comics” all in one sentence. It’s not a surprise that the Cracked Magazine staff, made up mostly of brilliant hipster journalism and media students who weren’t quite ready to get a “real” job, are so pro-gay. But what IS surprising is that a the magazine that gave us the “Shut Up” series in the 70s* today gives us the best argued and point-by-point take down of the extreme right I’ve seen in a while.

I find him so hot that I have trouble watching the video. He’s… wow. Glad that he’s doing his videos in English now.

Jay Roberts Sings! sorta.

Someone stole a 500 pound Bee Hive. From a Restaurant.

When we shot Francois Sagat’s Incubus, we used a bunch of different kinds of camera, including the GoPro headcam for some of the underwater sequences, the party sequence and the sequences in the desert. But we didn’t do anything THIS amazing. Turn up your music. Go full screen. It’s a stunning video.

We try not to judge here at Titan because the movies of Paul Wilde  have taught us that it’s an argument we will lose. But wow… I hope this is an urban legend.

Further to stealing large things from restaurants, someone walked off with a giant piece of pizza. OK, it was actually a large pizza slice costume. But still. Skip to the last 20 seconds of the video if you don’t want your eyes to jump out of year head and roll away.

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Hunter is a Mud Man


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In the few months that I’ve worked here at Titanmen, I’ve learned many things. One of which is to never assume anything about anyone.

Hunter Marx, when you meet him, is such a soft-spoken, friendly and downright lovable guy that you’d think would be more interested in playing soccer or… something that a nice boy would play.

Turns out that Hunter is an A#1 Mud Pig and actually has his own home-made mud pit in the back yard where he and his friends… wallow.

I’m to sure what “wallowing” actually is, but I’m sure it’s fun. Either way, he jumped at the chance to do a Mudpit wrestling scene with Shay Michaels for Paul Wilde’s new Titan Rough movie ‘Fight Fuck & Fist.” enjoy…

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Making A Scene: Trenton Ducati and Jimmy Durano


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Just a peek at how much work and care goes into making a scene at Titanmen. From the large group of crew and the racks of gear, lights, cameras and even a floaty device to create waves reflected onto the men, Francois got a trial by fire as he learned how to direct and how to bring the ideas in his head to video.

We don’t always put cum shots into the BTS videos but this time it makes sense and besides… why not?

You’ll also see a blink-and-you’ll-misss-it cameo by Jesse Jackman who quietly sat off set and watched the process in the shadows.

I love seeing how porn is made and seeing the casual way that the stars interact with the crowd of people around them while they create the end result. It’s also fun to hear how the directors and cameramen are talking to the performers while they’re fucking. This only makes the whole thing hotter for me.

You can see the whole movie Incubus here on the new Titanmen Website that also gives you unlimited access to the entire online Titanmen catalogue (which contains nearly every movie Titan has released in their 17 years of producing movies) streaming in stunning HD to your computer or mobile devices.


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