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Trenton Ducati sticking it to Jayden Grey


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The new scene from Sticking Point features the always-hot Trenton Ducati and Jayden Grey being watched by a jerking Jordan White.

Drifter Jayden Grey needs a place to crash. Handyman Trenton Ducati is happy to help — sending the thankful smoothie to his knees. The trim sucker works up the muscle cock, the tattooed Trenton whipping his dick on Jayden’s face and spitting in his mouth. Trenton stays rock hard as he gulps Jayden’s big cock, spit falling to the floor. Trenton eats Jayden before fucking him doggie style, perfectly varying his tempo. Jayden sits down on the top, their arms wrapped around each other. Voyeur Jordan White strokes his big dick as he watches, soon rubbing cum onto his tight bod. On his back, a breathless Jayden squirts as he gets fucked, Trenton’s chiseled abs clenching before dumping his own load.

Trenton seems to get hotter with each time we see him…

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

Full gallery after the jump…

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Two Pissers is better than One


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OK, I pissed THAT one up.

A couple days ago I posted this clip of Adam Herst taking a mid-scene piss break while shooting a scene with Deven James for the Titan Rough movie Leather and Piss,

Except I messed up the video link and some of you couldn’t play it.

Well, it’s fixed now… and here’s another clip with both Adam and Deven to… wet your thirst for more…


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Brad Kalvo and Race Cooper sucked the pool dry.


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OK, not really.

But it’s great to see a hairy hunk like Brad Kalvo and a smooth and ripped man like Race Cooper together under the hot California sun.

Click Here to see the a video clip from their scene in Sticking Point.

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Francois Sagat is… up to something..


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My job here at Titan is an odd one. I write the main Titan blog, of course, but if you read blogs written by Jesse Jackman or Dario Beck you know that I help them out, too. I also occasionally help out with production of some of the movies and I’m not above helping pack boxes when the new Titan movie comes out and the guys down in shipping need help fulfilling all of the Titan Men DVD club mailings (and now that Titan has been clearing out a lot of the older DVD titles, I seem to be down there a lot more often).

But one of the more fun but occasionally baffling things I do is help Francois Sagat with his blog. I’ve only met him a couple of times in person but he seems much like you’d expect. Fascinating even when he’s telling the most banal stories or ordering lunch at a taco stand. I find that I just can’t take my eyes off of him.

While a lot of porn stars get dismissed by a lot of people as “a porn star,” Francois is… more than that. He’s a brilliant artist and designer. He can draw beautifully detailed drawings, he’s designed costumes and dances and performs in some of the strangest things, all while making even the most outlandish things look hot. Almost by accident.

So when he sent me a link to this, I had no idea what to make of it.

But it looks like Francois Sagat is about to become the third Titanmen star this year to show us his singing abilities (and considering we’re only about 7 weeks into the year, that’s a pretty high average and I’m now wondering if Jesse Jackman is a closet baritone or something).

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Took us a bit to catch on to why Adam Herst was sporting not one but TWO “Recycle” symbols on his shoulders.

I’ll give you a hint. It’s nothing to do with saving the environment.

This is a clip taken while the guys were shooting a scene for the Titan Rough line called “Leather & Piss,” with Adam getting fucked by the big-dicked Deven James while letting a HUGE stream of piss into his own face. If you’re a piss pig or even just love to watch the water sports… this is a scene you’re going to want to check out.

And.. today is your last day… you can get a Titanmen membership with unlimited access to their HUGE online catalogue at 50% off if you buy 6 months for $69.95.

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Hunter Marx readies “The Impaler.” Note the VERY nervous smile…


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A Super-Hot clip of Hunter Marx and Spencer Reed as they prepare to do their scene together in Titanmen’s new movie “Sticking Point” with Hunter bottoming for the first time.

Seeing these two muscular men going at it is just what Titanmen is all about. Hunter’s reddish blond body hair and beard and his blue eyes up against the massive Spencer Reed and his massive dick and his unstoppable masculine sexual energy.

This is a scene you don’t want to miss.

Watch it here at the new Titanmen Website.

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Hunter’s Hole Hurts.


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Hunter Marx had almost accidentally agreed to let Spencer be the first guy to claim atop Mt. Hunter and plant his pole.
When he got a good look at just what he was about to get, he gulped a bit and, like any Titan Men would, just hung on and went for it.

A few white knuckles and a few shouts of “take it like a man” and once we were done, Hunter was wearing the proud and wide smile of a guy who just got his hole fucked by the best.

You can see Hunter bend over and get topped only in the new Titanmen movie “Sticking Point.”


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In case you missed it…


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Also this week…

On JesseJackmanXXX, Jesse comes out.

No, not like that. Jesse and Dirk Caber have finally come out about how they’ve been a couple for the last few months. It’s been a topic of discussion and rumor here for a bit and it’s great to see two such handsome and downright nice guys together and happy. I’d reach for a tissue but I used them all jerking off at…

Jesse also posted this adorably cute video shot only minutes after he arrived on the set of Incubus. He was outside naked sunbathing, Jasun grabbed the camera and stuck it in his face – or – well, no he focused tight on Jesse’s dick and then got the man to tell us all about himself in his own words. When you get to the chest closeup at the end, don’t say I didn’t warn you. And have tissue close by.

Speaking of Jesse, even Francois Sagat is in on the fun, posting this amazing behind-the-scenes video that shows Jesse doing the solo intro to the “Bacchus” scene from Incubus Part 2. Jesse and his dick are hot enough but seeing Francois dressed casually, sitting behind the director’s desk, directing the action and being so professional and showing his behind-the-camera skills.

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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+100500 – Писька. Now available in English.

White Collar actor with the Windex-Blue eyes comes out. Sadly he comes out by pointing out that he’s already got a husband and kids. Denied again. And now he’s going to be on Glee.

The 8 Most Ill-Conceived Product Names of All-Time. Eek.

Vintage photos transformed into superhero portraits. I say we need MORE men in superhero costumes.

And while we’re on the subject of hot gay men in Superhero Costumes, Paul Charles the Gay Comic Geek talks about love.

And… I guess while we’re on the subject of comics, gay culture and Vintage stuff… here’s a Madonna comic handed out at concerts in 1987. Which is before some of the Titanmen stars were born. Yeah. I know.

I promise this isn’t QUITE as gross as it sounds.

What your favorite blog says about you. And if your favorite blog is this one, it says you’re probably masturbating right now. It’s ok, I’m masturbating right now and I’m sitting at my desk in full view of the guy in Tech Support.


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Making the “Incubus bed Sequence.”


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Here’s a cool “making of” clip from Incubus Part 1. After the editors went through the hundreds of hours of footage shot while Francois and the crew were making Incubus parts 1&2, they found enough that we’ll be able to show you every aspect of making the movie from preproduction to costume design to the shoots and still shoots and even how they did some of the special effects like the green screen body doubles and some of the really wild sequences like the rope tying and the score.

Stay Tuned.

OH… and the Valentine’s Day Sale has been extended!!

So you can still get full and unlimited access to Titan’s HUGE online catalogue streaming beautifully to your iPad, iPhone and computer (and with an Apple mobile device and an AppleTV, you can use airplay to stream to your big screen TV).

And it’s 50% off if you buy 6 months for $69.95.

Incubus Part 2 is out in March…

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Last Chance for the Titanmen Sale and some Preview Pics from “Sticking Point”


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So Hunter Marx getting his asshole popped for the first time isn’t the only thing to be excited about with the new Titanmen movie Sticking Point, you also get the Titan debut of Brad Kalvo, a mega hot scene with Trention Ducati and Jayden Grey and a three-way with Brad, Jayden and Race Cooper.

And right now you can get 6 months of Titanmen for 50% off, $69,95 for half a year of full access to the best collection of hardcore gay porn movies anywhere.

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Why Hunter Marx chose Spencer Reed to top him first.


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All men have those things that they find irresistible and all men have that line they want to step across even if they haven’t yet.

Hunter’s was a big muscle man with the Brutish Force of Spencer Reed and his line was bottoming.

You can see Hunter bend over and take it for the first time in the new Titan movie “Sticking Point” out only on Titanmen’s new website.

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May God have Mercy on your Hole.


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I almost feel bad that Hunter has NO idea what he’s got coming.

You can see them together in upcoming scene from the new Titanmen movie “Sticking Point” out very soon on Titanmen.

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Valentine’s Day Sale and the Fantastic Fourgy Finale to command perFormance


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Command Performance goes out with a (gang) bang of Epic Proportions.

Starting with the Mega-Hot scene with Titanmen Exclusive Jesse Jackman and Roman Wright, and then continuing with the Dario Beck/Cavin Knight shower scene, Command Performance was also the movie that brought us two Viral Video hits with Jessy Ares’s performance of the song “Porn Star” and Dario Beck’s adorable “Blame It On the Bossa Nova.

Now the movie concludes with a MEGA-hot four way fuck scene with Jessy Ares, Marco Wilson, Wilfried Knight and Junior Stellano. That’s a lot of sweat, muscle, tats and body hair all in one place and you can only find it at Titanmen’s new website.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what Dario wrote about this movie here. And read what Jesse Jackman wrote about wishing he was part of the four-way here.

And yes… there’s a special Valentine’s Day sale on where you can get 6 MONTHS for only $69.95. That’s about half price for the HUGE catalogue of Titan movies with unlimited streaming. 

Check out the whole gallery after the jump…
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Spencer Reed talks about his DJing and music


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Spencer Reed talking about his favorite music and his side-gig of DJing.

Check out his mixing here…

And you can check Spencer out in action at Titanmen in his most recent movie Incubus or his up-coming scene with Hunter Marx in Sticking Point coming VERY soon to Titanmen

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