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David Anthony’s new job: Fluffer


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OK so as I was VERY upset to find out, the job of “fluffer” isn’t a real one on a porn set. Apparently it’s an “Urban Legend.” And yes, I make air quotes when I say that.

I was also a bit sad when I found out that “filling the void of that nonexistent position” wasn’t in my job description as “Official Titan Blogger.”

Which is why my jock strap was a “heavily wooded area” when I found this clip of David Anthony helping Francois Sagat get hard on the set of Incubus: Part 2.

You can see all of Francois’s movies here and buy his DVDs and dildo here.

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Ever Choke Your Chicken in the Pale Moonlight?


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Every time I see clips from the Making Of Incubus, I’m blown away by how much work and attention to detail that Francois Sagat, Brian Mills and all of the guys put into it.

This clip is beautiful the way that the water is lit and glistening off François’s muscles and how the sound of the crickets and the water in the pool make it feel so secluded and intimate.

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Introducing Jesse Jackman’s twin broth- er… wait, no that’s his dick. Ouch.


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When you first see the smile, it looks like a warm, cuddly… gentle giant smile from a guy who would just want to hug and kiss and keep you safe.

And then your eyes scan down and see the size of that thing and you realize that smile is just the his reaction to the inner monologue going on in his head as he plans to throw you down, give you the full brunt of Rod-Zilla there and laugh as you take it all.


If you would like to see him put that monster into action, you can click here to see a clip from Jesse’s new movie Command Performance or you can check out the gallery of stills showing him taking it all out on Roman Wright. Who knew when he was talking about it here that that laugh wasn’t the sweet and gentle laugh but a Bond Villain chortle?

But if you want to see him bent over and get what’s CLEARLY coming to him, see him getting topped by Hunter Marx in Surveillance. We made extra-sure that Hunter didn’t hold back.

Gallery of stills after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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A sei-regular, mildly entertaining and egregiously time-wasting list of the inter-office emails that clutter up the inboxes at the Titan office. Most are Work Safe. But you’re reading this on Titanmen.net, so we’re guessing that “work safe” isn’t something you really  worry about.

Beard. We hear Tom Cruise has the same problem. As soon as he gets rid of one, another takes it’s place.

Yet another reason to buy a Maroon 5 record.

A very cool article about the Homoerotic, SuperHot Super Heros and comic book finally eroticizing the male figure.

Great Figures caught with their pants down. Just another funny collection of PhotoChopped images from Cracked Magazine.

The Makerbot Replicator. At first it seems like a cool little toy. Then the more you look at it, the more amazing you realize that this thing is. Think of the things you could make if you had a 3D printer. Life Size Trenton Ducati Butt, for instance.

I’ve posted a LOT of bacon-flovored stuff here and it just keeps going. Now we have bacon flavored frosting.

For the love of The Tarantulas. And no, it’s not what you think. We have a motorcycle shop next to the Titan studio and a lot of us are lovers of motorcycles, so seeing this tribute to the Portland vintage motorcycle restoration place is pretty fun.


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Junior Stellano talks Fluffing, Fucking and Chemistry with scene partners on the set of Command Performance


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We knew that Junior Stellano was handsome and hot, covered in tattoos and had a smile that could coax you into any bed, corner or dark alley for some dirty action. But who knew he was such a sweet, cuddly guy with such a soft-spoken and sweet demeanor?

Now I don’t just wanna make dirty pig sex with him, I wanna take him to dinner and a movie and maybe marry him and live happily ever after on the Jersey Shore.

You can see the scene they were shooting, Command Performance, this week on Titanmen’s new site.

You can see Junior in action right now in Exposed, here in Fist Deep and here in Payload.

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More of Trenton Ducati…


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After a long couple of days shooting new scenes with Trenton Ducati, I wanted to remind you all of just how hot this Northern Pacific stud is. Here he is alongside Spencer Reed, Dario Beck and Christopher Daniels in Surveillance.

You can see the whole movie (including the web-only watersports bits) only on Titanmen.

More pictures after the jump…

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Titanmen Daily Distractions


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An increasingly regular collection of the internal company-wide emails that fill in inboxes at the Titanmen office. Some are hot, some are not, some just just plain fucked up. But they DO keep us chatting longer by the coffee maker. Just remember that you’re on Titanmen.net. You’re already looking at a NSFW site. So most of these links probably are too.

Pizza Boomerang. What. The. Fuck. No really… What. The Fuck?
Ever wonder what horrible things happened after the credits rolled in your favorite movies? Although I always used to think that about Endor.
Gay Stormtrooper Love. Not sure what it is that gay men love so much about Storm Troopers but just about every one of us here at the office admits to jerking off at least once while thinking of the one who yelled “OPEN THE BLAST DOORS OPEN THE BLAST DOORS!!”
Finding Myself: 100+ Years of Gay Couples: Part One 1875-1955 Kinda sweet, really. Can’t wait for Part Two which is bound to have some very regrettable 70s clothes and hair.
Randy Phillips does more shirtless workout videos like any good, hot, young, gay military man/role model should.
The Disastrous Results of ending DADT. We used to just roll our eyes at people who said that ending DADT would mean that all the military personnel would start sucking each other off in minutes. Seems that we were wrong.
Titan Alumnus and Trans Superhero Buck Angel tells us all to go down to the mall, find a table with girl scouts and BUY THOSE COOKIES!!
In just 30 days, he can make you a man. With abs. Our favorite active duty gay hunk has figured out that we wanna see some skin.

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Trenton Ducati breaks in 2 new Titanmen


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Trenton Ducati is having a great week here at Titanmen. Yesterday he got topped good and rough by Jesse Ares and today he’s getting to reclaim the Top Position as he breaks in not one but TWO new Titanmen first-timers as they shoot a scene for “Fast Friends.”

Ford Andrews is the hairy hunk (follow him here on Twitter) and Jed Athens is the long and lean southern gentleman with the ripped abs.

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Trenton Ducati has arrived


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Our hot rockabilly stud from the Pacific North West has escaped the blizzard ravaging Washington and come down to the relative nice weather here in California to shoot a few scenes.

Today he’s going to bottom for the handsome European charmer Jessy Ares in a scene for “Betrayed” which should be out in the spring.

If you want to see Trenton in action now, check him out here in Incubus and here in Surveillance.

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This is the part we call “boning up.”


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On the set of “Feral” with Will Swagger and Jessy Ares. Coming in the Spring to Titanmen.

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Just in case you missed it…


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Since you come to my blog every day (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ve probably already seen all of these rather amazing recent Titanmen scenes. But just on the off-chance that you’ve missed them, here are a whole bunch of links to previews of the last bunch of Titanmen movies and scenes that we’ve had. There are scenes from Joe Gage’s Inmates, Francois Sagat’s Incubus and Paul Wilde’s Leather and Piss.


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This is what a staff party looks like at Titanmen


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Just after we wrapped shooting the last scene for Incubus Part 1 (although Part 2 was still under way), we had a bit of a wrap party that served also as birthday party for Hunter Marx. Those guys had just shot a totally incredible scene set in a sex club that starts with Aymeric Deville bound and suspended from the ceiling in some of the most beautiful rope tying you’ll see. It was a bit like a Geiger painting.

Which was the look Francois had envisioned when he wrote the script.

The guys hung out for a bit, hopped in the shower to clean off and then headed down to the Castro to shoot a video we’ll have here for you very soon… one that you’re really not going to want to miss…

But if you want to see the cliff hanger ending from Incubus Part 1, you can see a clip from it here or check out the gallery after the jump…

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Sneak Peek at “Leather & Piss”


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All I can say is “WOW.”

Adam Herst is one hot mofo and seeing him piss all over himself there is amazing. Scene one from Leather and Piss is already out… look for this one next week on Titanmen.

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Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular rundown of the mass internal emails sent from the Titanmen staff to the Titanmen staff.

Today in “Toys that made us gay.” Shirtless, leather and denim-wearing, cowboy hat-sportin’ masturbating trucker “action figures.”

The President of the United States, Barack Obama sings “Born This Way.”  ALL kinds of awesome.

The absolutely amazing opening of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” and how they made it.

Speaking of tattoos, while they turn many of us on, getting one on his dick gave this guy a permanent boner.

Do not upset a Dr. Who fan. He’ll hit you with his Tardis Purse.

A new… carnivorous plant? See, even the PLANTS aren’t vegan.

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Wilfried Knight “helping out” Marco Wilson on the set of “Command Performance.”


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Behind the scenes of the amazing four-way orgy scene with Marco Wilson, Jesse Ares, Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight from the soon-to-be-released Command Performance on Titanmen.

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