Finally… The Full, X-Rated Trailer for Francois Sagat’s Incubus.


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It’s finally ready and while Francois, Brian and Bruce put the finishing touches on it, we can now have a look at the full X-rated trailer for Francois Sagat’s “Incubus” which looks to be just the surreal, sexual, visually stunning and still mega-erotic tour-de-fouce you’d expect from Francois.

One of the things he said in his short documentary was that he wanted to make a movie that was challenging to the mind but didn’t want any of the visuals or imagery to get in the way of the fact that this is still a hot porn movie. He didn’t want to make an art film with sex, he wanted to make a porn movie that you can’t take your eyes off. And he’s been successful.

This clip also gives us a VERY long-awaited look at Titanmen Exclusive Trenton Ducati in his first-ever scene. He’s already got a huge fan base that can’t wait to see him in action. They finally get to have their first glimpse (and the recently-released clip of him being welcomed to the Titanmen family in traditional fashion by Shay Michaels doesn’t really count but it was still hot).

Incubus will be released world-wide to Titanmen’s VOD site very soon…

Last modified: Dec 7, 2011

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  2. disco3k says:

    I love everything that guy does! Francois is a true artist, and I commend him for injecting a theatrical component into this film. It looks absolutely fantastic, and I can’t wait to watch the film in full when it gets released. Kudos to FS,

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