Titanmen Office Daily Distractions


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A semi-regular list of the inter-office emails that fill up our in-boxes here at the Titan office.

Stocking in the new Planking. You know all those absurd stock photos you see being used in bad websites, catalogues and informational fliers you get handed at the Home Show?
Turn any surface into a touch screen. Imagine turning parts of your body into one. And imagine the fetish porn Paul Wilde would make with one of THOSE.
Occupy Wallstreet Humor.
12 things EVERY homosexual wants for Christmas.
• Why can’t American gay marriage ads in America be even half this good?
• A rather beautiful video about what your gadgets do when you’re not at home.
• Who is Jon Galt? Don’t be silly, it’s this guy.

Last modified: Nov 29, 2011

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