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A semi-regular list of the company wide group emails that have been circulating at the Titanmen office.

Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers would make an incredible fetish gear for a flogging scene. Can you imagine seeing THAT coming at you meaning business when you’re already bound to the St. Andrew’s Cross?

• Bad Surfers are Funny.

• On the off chance that you will have grandchildren. THIS is why you may want to self-edit before posting to Facebook.

• Last week we heard about Bacon Lube. Now, we learn about Bacon candy canes. Imagine where you could stick THOSE to give a sweet surprise to a fuck buddy.

• Francois Sagat gives us this week’s Sound Cloud hit.

RIP Andrea True. She not only started out as a porn star and became a pop star, she also inspired Madonna’s “Sorry” video with that… outfit.


Last modified: Nov 20, 2011

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