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Still considered to be one of the best gay porn movies ever made, Bruce Cam’s Gorge still stands up. Shot nearly 10 years ago in the northern Grand Canyon, this was the movie that proved that Ray Dragon and Dred Scott were names we would remember forever.

Ray Dragon appears first with Dred Scott and then newcomer Matthew York in two scenes, while Dred appears in three scenes with a variety of partners.

The other cast members are Carlos Marquez, who appeared with Ray in some famous photographs, while Chad Williams and Jake Marshall come from TITAN’s Slammer. They’re joined by new TITAN stars Rick Hollander and Ben Jakks, and, making his first appearance in a TITAN movie as a special guest, popular star Carlos Morales.

But it wasn’t just the star power of Dragon and Scott or even the high-quality production values that Bruce Cam took to a new level years before with Fallen Angel and then perfected a year before shooting Gorge with Fallen Angel IV:Seamen. It was the raw, primal and boundary-free action that really split things open. Dred Scott is still the only Native American porn mega-star and his fire-in-the-belly performance, set over the jaw-dropping backdrop of the American South West gave an eye-rivetting visual that made you want to rip off all your clothes, run into the desert and fuck whomever you came across.

There’s something about a primitive setting that releases a guy to find pleasure in a most instinctual way. So when a trio of backpackers pause in their hiking so one of them can take a leak, the other two aren’t surprised to find cocks in hand — and subsequently mouths and asses. Carlos Morales and tall solid Ben Jakks swap asses in some hungry turn-about fucking, and redhead Rick Hollander gets in the action by topping them both before a daisy chain of fucking brings a geyser of cum pellets shooting from all three.

Bruce Cam would only direct four more movies over the next five years, ending with “Breakers,” starring the then- relatively new Francois Sagat and Dean Flynn. But Gorge still lives on not only on a double DVD with some amazing bonus footage but also on Titanmen’s VOD site.

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Last modified: Nov 17, 2011

7 Responses to " Titanmen Classics: Gorge "

  1. RV says:

    GORGE has been in my DVD player all month long. I love this film and it will remain one of my faves.

  2. sxg says:

    Dred Scott is Native American? I thought he was mixed with black and white!

    Wish he was still around for porn, or did more films before he went off and disappeared. Anyone know if he’s doing well or not? I hope he is.

  3. HansNL says:

    I wish the Director’s Expanded Edit was still available. Dred Scott is the best porn actor ever as far as I’m concerned and with hairy Ray Dragon in this movie as well…. it makes me jerk off time and time again.
    They just don’t make ’em like they used too huh!

    • finn says:

      all of that content still lives on if you join the Titanmen.com site and all those videos are downloadable.So you can still get those videos.

  4. HansNL says:

    Thanks finn, but I’m afraid I’m one of the few who still wants to hold a blu-ray/DVD in his hands…digital movies just don’t do it for me. It appears I’ve been able to find the Directors’ Expanded Edit DVD of Gorge (and Carny!) after all, both movies are on their way from Switzerland (!). I’m keeping my fingers crossed they are indeed the Expanded versions. Now I just have to find that Collector’s Edition 3 DVD set of Sea Men : Fallen Angel IV..

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