Spencer Reed’s first Podcast.


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Spencer Reed – Deep Dark Kisses – podcast 1 by Spencer Reed

Titanmen star Spencer Reed released his first-ever podcast yesterday, saying it was “just a few of my favorite tracks mixed together. Its a blend of house, progressive and tribal on the darker side. ENJOY!!”

A full hour of what sounds like ritual, rhythmic and creepy dark beats. Hypnotic and engaging. I’m riveted to this. Just the kind of music I’d be happy to have playing while Spencer threw me down on the ground, fucked me to the beat and made me beg for more.

I mean… Um… nice music.

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And check out Spencer’s lessons for giving a good blow job after the jump…

Cocksucking Tips from himself, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed to his blog.

Last modified: Nov 11, 2011

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